Warriors: Legends of Troy Review

"was lucky enough to have the chance to review Warriors: Legends of Troy for you. I’m going to lay out each aspect of the game, a conclusion, and score at the bottom, based upon my time with the title. Let us begin.

Graphics: The look of Troy is rustic and gritty. This isn’t a game full of color and mind blowing graphics, but it works. The environments are built for one thing, and that is war. Dust kicks up amongst soldiers’ feet as they slide for a footing while swinging their swords. Sparks fly as metal hits shield; all in all it looks good. If I had to find something bad in the models, it would be the Gods. The intro for them look a thousand times better than the actual models do. "

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Andreas-Sword3774d ago

I play this game.
This game is the best Warriors game!