Sessler's Soapbox: Collection in Games

Adam talks about how collectibles in games can either help you explore or bring you out of the experience depending on how they're implemented.

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Nolando2755d ago

Oh Sessler, i love the rambling soupbox. I agree, i never feel compelled to collect in games like halo or crysis (shooters in general unless they are like RPGS or something) because its like OMG THE WORLD IS FALLING APART... OOoooooh shiney... :P

i agree, i cant stand when develops put collecting in a game just to say OH and you can do this so it extends the life of the game... in most cases it doesnt...

anasurimbor2755d ago

You know, Sessler isn't half bad, despite G4 being a generally terrible video game resource.

undercovrr2755d ago

That's a matter of opinion. I think g4 is a great video game source. Their reviews and reviewers are more honest than say....IGN

SilverSlug2755d ago

Hey Sessler, talk about how your employer astroturfs and pays users to cheat systems like Reddit. How does that make you feel?

BeastlyRig2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I'm glade I pre-ordered the witcher 2 on steam..