Analysts Verdict: Can a $399 PS3 Make a Difference?

Next-Gen speaks with six games industry analysts (Michael Pachter, Billy Pidgeon, Colin Sebastian, Mike Hickey, Arvind Bhatia and Jesse Divnich) who weigh in on the potential impact of the rumored $399 40GB US PlayStation 3. The verdict within.

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sonarus4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

i think the 60gigs will still sell more its got by far more value 2 games plus an extra controller for 50 pounds more would have to be silly not to get that. in areas where the difference is more the 40gb will prob sell more there regardless increased ps3 sales no matter wat

-SIXAXIS-4115d ago

The 60GB is a waaaaaaaaaaay better deal because the 40GB has no backwards compatibility.

TheMART4116d ago

"Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian believes that there will be a “meaningful up-tick” in sales once a cheaper 40GB model is introduced, but a less-expensive console from Sony will have to be backed by a stronger third-party developer strategy.

“If Sony is focused on building a large installed base for the PS3, they need to lower the hardware price and give publishers additional incentives to create compelling content for the platform,” he says.

Janco Partners’ Mike Hickey says Sony can only do what it can with what it’s got this holiday. “We don’t think there is really anything Sony can do beyond a dramatic price cut and a verbal outcry for PS3 Blu-ray buyers to turn the tide of their dismal holiday sales outlook relative to the Xbox 360,” he says rather bleakly. “[From a software standpoint,] consumers seem to be struggling with the ‘why pay considerably more for considerably less?’ purchasing dilemma. We are increasingly less confident Sony will show anything remotely remarkable on the PS3 for this holiday.”

“The cheaper price point will only be drawing customers who already planned on purchasing the PS3 but were deterred by the price,” insists Jesse Divnich with The SimExchange. “Consumers have already made up their minds as to what systems they plan to purchase, or at least put on their list, this holiday season…. Microsoft need not be concerned with any short-term strategy Sony may implement…”"

And indeed the 60GB PS3 is a far better deal then the 40GB one...
Short term strategy, an emergency call to lower the price. Sony is pretty uncertain.

nanometric4116d ago

it only depends on how big a difference you where expecting for

Microsoft Knight4116d ago

pos3 was doomed to fail even before it came out Sony should recall all the pos3's before they lose majorly in this console war.
The 360 has games the pos3 has none at all that could save it and most games that are released for it are better on the 360 and upcoming games like uncharted and MGS4,FF13 Will be on the 360 some time next year

masterg4116d ago

I was sure you were kidding.
You post is so stupid it makes me sad to see that you were serious.
You sad sad man.

joydestroy4116d ago

yup, getting a 60gig fully BC this weekend. fvck the other skus.

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