EA Sports Sitting Out Another Year of NBA Simulation Basketball, New Game Slated for 2012

As the 2011 NBA Playoff picture is getting clearer and the Los Angeles Lakers looking for a threepeat World Championship, EA Sports has announced that it will sit out yet another season of NBA video game basketball. The sports giant’s last game was NBA Live 10, which featured Orlando Magic “Superman” Dwight Howard on the cover. Electronic Arts abandoned that franchise name with its 2010 game, NBA ELITE 11, but canceled the title. The next simulation hoops game from EA will be hitting stores in fall 2012. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA All-Star Kevin Durant, who was on the cover of the never-released ELITE game, begs EA Sports to release his game in this exclusive video interview.

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DeFFeR2753d ago

See what happens when you don't buy games because they don't change year after year? EA is forced to shelf the game to either cancel it, or they rebuild it entirely from the ground up - either option is better than shoveling that crap out year after year (ahem, EA - Just like Madden...)

NexGen762753d ago

Yeah keep that trash out of stores.......2K all day.

TheDeftGamer2753d ago


MostJadedGamer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Um it is not old news. They are not having a new NBA game in Fall 2011 either. That is brand new news. This is the 2nd year in a row with no EA basketball game.

They won't have a new basketball game til Fall 2012. That is 3 full freaking years in between games. It shows EA is dead serious about fixing the franchise, and delivering an amazing game.