Pitchford’s Forced Multiplayer Complaint is Out of Date

Sinan Kubba writes, "Edge released a snippet from their upcoming feature on multiplayer games today in which Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford lamented how publishers demand multiplayer from games like Dead Space 2 because they want to tick as many sales boxes as possibles."

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trainsinrdr2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

linear 3rd person multiplayer sucks

Sillyace922751d ago

okay...What does that have to do with Randy Pitchford?

He's developed Borderlands and the soon to be released Duke Nukem. None of which are in third person.

morganfell2751d ago

Randy Pitchford (who deals with the actual costs and planning of development) > Sinan Kubba of lame no name blog.

The only apt descriptor on the site is the name which is where the site itself needs to be deep sixed.

Baka-akaB2751d ago

The funny thing is the ones with the fun mp overall , are those title with "forced mp" on a meaty and lenghty SP .

While too many of the crecent mp oriented fps are meh in both modes .

mastiffchild2750d ago

Pitchford was bemoaning the need for EVERY game(seemingly) to have a MP element shoehorned in whether the game suited it or it didn't.

This article is just stating that some games the author was worried about doing this(DS2 and U2 for example)had actually had both great SP games(which Pitchford intimated could suffer as a result of MP "box ticking" with funds allocated away from the core SP campaigns)AND good MP. I'd have said Uncharted would always have a had a shot at a decent Vs MP as a vertically more free TPS anyway but that's not the big issue here.

To me Pitchford remans right: Sure AC:Brotherhood had a good, if quirky, MP side to it but now, months after the game's been on sale, is the MP still hlding on to a massive community? Same for DS2-I thought they did well to find a MP aspect to it but do I think, long term, it was worth the effort and cost? IDK.

Point is some genres just SUIT the MP world while for others t's more of a stretch-noo matter how much publishers et al might feel it's a necessity these days. I say EVEN with MP DS did have a ceiling beyond which it would NEVER sell and the number of people who have EVER bought DS2 FOR MP are countable on the fingers of one foot. Pitchford argues, and even some FPS like BS2 and Singularity support his stance and they ARE FPS which are EASY to turn into MP games, that some games would be best accepting their lot as SP games and have the devs throw all their efforts into that. This would stop budgets spiralling as they chase the MP dream which isn't happening-nobody was ever going to give up the MP games they already play for night after night of DS2 MP. Certainly, they were NEVER making the numbers to make it worthwhile and seeing just how big the community is online by summer will be the judge of it.

I LIKE AC:B's MP and I like DS2's as well-but I just doubt they're financially worthwhile efforts in the long run and as such I agree with Randy on this one. Naturally there is always going to be thee odd game that changes things-once in a while a dev will have a seemingly unlikely idea that's a massive hit but, by and large, I think the culture of "oh it MUST have MP features!!" is very misguided when not every game and not every genre can support a decent MP community. We can all name a LOT of games which boast that Co-op or Vs MP mode(s) which, even a week or two after launch, are dead as a doornail.

That said, Randy did seem to be saying it after a year or so where we saw a good few games with only SP which made NO attempt to shoehorn
MP in(like GOW3, Bayonetta, AW among others and even shooters like Metro and Vanquish)and also had few issues with the quality of their SP campaigns so, clearly, the "box ticking" doesn't reach as far as, maybe, he fears.

P_Bomb2750d ago

No one buys Assassin's Creed and Dead Space for the MP. Pitchford's right about the ceiling part. I'm one trophy away from a platinum in Dead Space 2 and have never even touched the MP. Never will.

Thing is I always see comments, even from critics about wanting things like splitscreen co-op, but then when games actually do it (see KZ3 & Motorstorm Apocalypse) the same critics don't even care anymore. All that development time for something almost trivial.