First reviews of Call Of Duty 4, Kane and Lynch, Guitar Hero 3 and More

OXM reviews


+ Awesome moments on literally every mission
+ Multiplayer quality, quantity, and depth that rivals...nevermind, you know.
- A few frustratingly tough areas on the higher difficulty levels
? What's the story behind the epilogue level? IW won't say
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men-8.0

+ Gripping, large-scale heists
+ Genuinely absorbing story
- Lotsa rough edges, especially incomplete co-op and multiplayer
? What kind of magic could IO make if it ditched itss janky Glacier engine for Unreal 3
Other scores:

Orange Box: 9.5
GHIII: 8.0
PGR4: 8.0
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 08: 8.5
Conan: 6.5
NBA2K8: 8.5

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DixieNormS4490d ago

WOW! Cant wait till this comes out. Now back to Halo 3.

P4KY B4490d ago

Now i just need to get that damn Steppin' Razor achievement to complete Halo 3 before COD arrives.

So many great games, so little time.

nobizlikesnowbiz4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

You can tell when a game is 10/10 when the multiplayer is as polished as the CoD4 Beta was. It seriously rivals Halo 3 in fun factor. It comes down to which type of games you enjoy more IMO.

Lol. You need Steppin' Razor? Your sayin you already got the Overkill? Damn. I've got Steppin' Razor, I just need like 4 other ones.

<ed> Yea. I can definately see overkill being the easiest to get in Mosh Pit or Crazy King. But I just realized how much that sucks now because Bungie updated matchmaking a couple days ago, so in Lone Wolves slayer games show up the majority of the time now...poop.

I just need that damn Mongoose Mowdown, Maybe Next Time Buddy, Overkill, and one other I believe.

iNcRiMiNaTi4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

but kill frenzy is kinda easy if u find a crazy king game, everyone will be so focused on the hill, u can just use a Battle Rifle or sniper to pick them off till u get 10 kills without dying, i got overkill on this game mode to with a single grenade toss and a few BR shots, and i found this easier on "the pit"

back OT: cant wait for this game [CoD4], ive played the beta and it was an awesome experience

JasonPC360PS3Wii4489d ago

COD4 shines in MP that is for sure, hell the beta was in better shape than most games released.

green_ghost54489d ago

I can't wait for COD4, and K&L dead men.
Maybe they'll be able to fix those problems.

felidae4489d ago

After Halo 3 i really need a good shooter.

sjappie4489d ago

gamertag Idontcare? If you can't give one please shut up.

nobizlikesnowbiz4489d ago

idontcare regularly disses 360 games, but has no gamertag to support his claims.

He thinks that since he plays a 360 game on his friends console for 20 min. it warrants him to have the full experience of any game.

I'll continue to label him as a coward and a liar as long as he doesn't give a gamertag so we can see if he actually finished a single 360 game that he hates.

sjappie4489d ago

He's definately a lying coward.

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The story is too old to be commented.