Get Your Act Together Nintendo


The worst thing about the 3DS situation is that we know that the device can do so much more. We know things are ready. We know that what is available as of now is very limited. We bought the 3DS even so because we know that it can be instantly updated.

So the question is, Why hasn't it been? It's no wonder people are always looking to mod devices. The 3DS experience so far has been like buying a long sleeved shirt, but being told that you can only wear it with the sleeves pulled up as though it were a short sleeved shirt until the shirt maker says otherwise. It isn't fair, and it doesn't make any sense.

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kyl2772752d ago

It is barley out, give it time. People are so impatient.

smoothdude2752d ago

It's Nintendo. They are notorious for doing things their way.

Shok2752d ago

God people, the system just came out.

The Wii didn't have all the features or games it has now. But now nobody's complaining. Same for PS3. You can't expect a system to have 100% momentum right when it comes out.

xsymbiot2752d ago

Between Metal Gear, Zelda, Resident Evil, and the system update in May I have plenty to look forward too in the very near future. My biggest complaint isnt in what the system is lacking as of now, since it just got released. However my complaint is aimed more toward the lack of information/details on upcoming games. Every site I look at points to a June release for Metal Gear and Zelda, but I would like a more definitive date. Guess im stuck playing one or two of the thirty plus DS games I have in my library. I have a strong feeling im going to be pissed at after this years E3 though, I hope they can prove me wrong and suprise me with a ff5/6 remake, super smash bros, The world ends with you (updated with 3d support). I can wait, just give me more stuff WORTH waiting for, and dates never hurt.

TruthbeTold2751d ago

The only Launch game worth buying at the $40 price point imo is Super Street Fighter 4.