Is My Creditcard Info Safe On The PSN

16bitmonster: After reading about all the news yesterday how Anonymous is trying bring down Sony Playstation Store. I decided it probably would be a good idea to remove my credit card information. It’s around 2:15pm est (April 5, 2011) in the afternoon and I keep getting this message “An error has occurred. (FFFFFFFF).” as I try to sign into my account management.

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Warprincess1162757d ago

This is why i don't like Anonymous. They taking things way too far. They are breaching sony security and they are scaring consumers. So they are just hurting themselves.

jriquelme_paraguay2757d ago

“An error has occurred. (FFFFFFFF...UUUUUUUUUU).”

NewMonday2757d ago

I don’t use my credit card anywhere near the net, I buy online using my brothers card using a different device. For PSN and Live I use the redeem cards. This for situations exactly like this.

BK-2012757d ago

This is complete mis-information. Anonymous just overloaded Sony's servers. There was no "hacking" going on. You people should educate yourselves before freaking out.

awesomeperson2757d ago

But less informed gamers who caught a whisper of a group called "anonymous" "hacking" sony might get a little panicked.

Redlogic2757d ago


Maybe you should educate yourself on the psyche of regular consumers and not those privy to the hacking scene.

Not everyone understands what is going on, only that Anon is after Sony. My first thought was "i hope my cc info is safe" when I heard about the attack. I don't consider myself uninformed but not very knowledgeable when it comes to the hacking scene...sorry thee great mind of all things hacking, for I know not what to do...d!ck

NaiNaiNai2757d ago

lol the people who don't understand what is going on are the same idiots that give there social and credit info on any email that requests it.

Anyone today who doesn't understand this stuff doesn't need to be online in the first place. also shouldn't reproduce.

JTaylor19812757d ago

Than what would you call the other articles titled "Anonymous Hacking Sony?" Fear mongering?

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Calm Down Sunshine2757d ago

Settle down, a single boiled egg can do more real-world, long lasting & meaningful damage than the most recent incarnation of Anonymous.

Quagmire2757d ago

Challenge Accepted, now where's me boiled egg..

the_best_player2757d ago

Just think what would happen if the hackers uploaded a PS3 update lol

perdie2757d ago

Funny thing is, I bet you that these guys would be scared shitless if they hacked my shit and I found them. They are all just a bunch of pussies that just think they are cool for hacking.

FACTUAL evidence2757d ago

Well just use psn cards, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

xAlmostPro2757d ago

They brought the sites down for like an hour.. the eu site even less.. big deal..

people are acting like this is the first time hacks have happened..

they used a crappy DDoS attack, that can be googled and you could do it yourself..

Twitter which recieves more traffic than sony were attacked by a DDoS(not by the same people) and were down for multiple hours.. lol

I can garuntee that if you have your card details on PSN you have nothing to worry about, if you're still worried by these google searchers than just remove the details and stop worrying

MorningStar2756d ago

Lol Anonymous is not hacking to get peoples details.

HOWEVER if you guys knew what you was talking about (not being rude there). Everytime you turn on your PS3 you send a huge load of information from your PS3 to Sony which include your name, address, card details, account info, heck even what brand TV you have. Oh and guess what! It is all unencrypted so anyone who knows how can just pick it up for themselves.

Thats what you should be more worried about. Not hackers but Sony freely transmitting your information through the internet insecure. Also the info they gather is invasion of privacy but lets not get into that.

Gotta love how much Sony love their customers. Arnt you glad you bought a PS3 now instead of an Xbox 360? (I own both & I still love my Xbox 360 more than my PS3).

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Primetimebt2757d ago

Yeah there not doing anyone justice when it affects the general public.

NYC_Gamer2757d ago

i never put my credit card info on any console

Primetimebt2757d ago

I think I'm going to start buying PSN cards for my ps3.

Blaze9292757d ago

Same here. This just shows how sad Sony's security is. I'm not gonna risk it.

16BitMonster2756d ago

Thats why I stopped years ago putting my Credit Card information out there years ago. I hate it even when Gamestop asks me for my information. Its just a bit too much for me.

TheMrMadzen2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Going to check my credit card right now!!
"Update" Safe :P

Dart892757d ago

That's why i never use my credit car info.But for those who do just add the amount you gonna use then quickly take it off.

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