BioWare Sells 1 Million Copies of Dragon Age II

If you already own Dragon Age II, you may have received an email today from BioWare offering you to take part in their Sequel Celebration. The company says that Dragon Age II hit 1 million copies sold within two weeks of launch – faster than Dragon Age: Origins

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JudgeDredd2846d ago

I bought the game and enjoyed it. I even enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins, both are good games.

donniebaseball2846d ago

People gave BioWare a lot of sh*t for DA2 but it's still a solid game.

NYC_Gamer2846d ago

i give them a lot of shit because i feel its cut down from the first one

Warprincess1162846d ago

It is cutdown but it so much fun so i don't mind.

Stealth20k2846d ago ShowReplies(1)