Games Are Evil Review: MLB 11: The Show

The sun is shining high in the afternoon sky, a pipe organ is ringing out a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and the bleachers are full. The stage has been set for another exciting year of Major League Baseball. As the season opener has now come and went, it was high time to take Sony’s interactive diamond duel out for a few trail throws. MLB: The Show has a long legacy of success to follow, so can 2011′s installment live up to the task, or has the bar simply been raised too high by prior iterations?

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bgrundman2752d ago

This is a great game, hands down.

roblef2752d ago

Makes me want to play it, actually. And I REALLY don't like sports, or sport games. Great review.

Mamajuana2752d ago

Best video games sports franchise the past 3 years in my opinion.