The Panasonic PT-AX200U with Game Mode - A Versatile Home Entertainment Projector

Check out this review by ProjectorCentral if you want an inexpensive way to achieve quality HD picture in the 80" to 100" screen sizes. This projector has a game mode that accelerates the video buffer to 0.3 ms and adjusts picture to bring out details in shadows. It's a very bright front projector and can be used in lighted areas. Not mentioned in the review or in Panasonics online literature is the type of HDMI inputs - there are two inputs and they are HDMI 1.3 (take note PS3 owners).

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Lord Anubis4483d ago

I got all excited untill I read it was only 720p which begs the question, why was the projector allowed to have HDMI 1.3 if it's only printing to screen 720. it accepts 1080 but if it can't accept native 1080 I'm not buying.

Dragonopolis4482d ago

There is Color range benefits as well as signal clarity. 1080p is overrated. We have been watching live tv in DVD quality for a long time yet games have yet to mimic real life in even 480p. Resolution is a factor but as you increase the resolution there is a point where the human eye won't decern the difference. This is already happening between 720p and 1080p as technology gets better and better and it will get worse the next Leap from 1080p to whatever.

shodown194482d ago

As nice as that looks, I'm afraid to ask what the price is. lol.

jaja14344482d ago

400$ to replace a broken lamp :/

sketch20994482d ago

This projector is so badass. Bioshock, Halo 3, Metroid Prime 3, HD DVD's, they all look so sick on this projector. As it says in the review, you won't be able to tell the difference between this 720p projector and a 1080p one. And it's only $1299! (USD street price). It's definitely not worth paying nearly $3000 for a 1080p projector or $3000 for a puny 60" plasma. This sucker gets a screen size of up to 140" in my apartment and it amazes everyone who sees it.

codeazrael4482d ago

I have an infocus projector I found at a pawn shop and managed to get it for $200-300 and I get high definition out of it. The catch is that it doesnt have anything but s video, rca inputs, and a vga port, so I can only hook up a 360 to it because Microsoft is the only company that makes a cable ($40) hd vga cable specifically for the 360 to do so. And the thing that changes in your settings on the xbox is when you go to hd display, instead of it giving you the choice of 480,720,1080i, and 1080p, it goes from 640X480 all the way up to 1920x1080..........once you play in hd on a projector, you NEVER will go back to an lcd or plasma. I was playing Gears on a 100" screen in HD and it was everything you think it is.................AMAZING!!! But, there are already some other projectors you can buy from circuit city for about $600-$999 that has hdmi inputs and Sony has some high end 1080p projectors which by far are the best looking design wise and maybe even picture wise, and you can get them anywhere from $1799 to about $20,000...........and yes I did say twenty thousand dollars, but imagine having your own private high end movie theater in your house............well worth it.

Dragonopolis4482d ago

If you read the review. This projector is so good unless it was next to another 1080p projector you couldn't tell even then Projectcentral said it was hard press to find anything wrong with this projector. I can't afford an awesome $3500 Front Projector or Flat Screen but $1299 is great and you can easily achieve 100" with this thing in a lighted room! Panasonic has some awesome technology when it comes to Front Projectors and they are alway price competively.

This article was place here for those who are budget conscious or don't like blowing money

This projector is considered on the budget end of Front Projection. What is great about these projectors is that the price goes down pretty quickly because of the competitive nature of the mid and higher end projection market. It's easy to find awesome 1080p Projectors in the $3000 to $4000 range today verses 8 to 12 months ago these projectors would have gone for $5000 to $7000.

I wouldn't be surprised if I see this projector drop to sub $1000 prices after Christmas.