Edge of Time Looks to Deliver More of the Same for Spider-Man

Andreas Asimakis writes, "I start off my mornings like most people; I lay my controller on the floor beside me, wondering how I am going to function on what has probably added up to about two hours of sleep, and proceed to check the internet for the latest gaming news while simultaneously looking for a clean pair of pants. One particular news item that caught my eye the other day was the announcement for Activision's latest foray into the realm of Spider-Man, titled Edge of Time. ‘Spider-Man, yay!’, I exclaimed as I clapped my hands together. Activision had finally unveiled its promised Spider-Man game and I was eager to gobble up all the tasty little details. But whatever elation I would feel in those 30 odd seconds as my eyes passed over the game’s premise, would quickly fade away as Edge of Time was not exactly what I was expecting for Spidey’s next big title."

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princejb1342780d ago

i guess its gonna be another of my favorite super hero game that i wont be purchasing

HeavenlySnipes2780d ago

a Spiderman 2 with HD visuals and Ultimate Spidermans comic book plot. (And for the love of God stop hiring shitty voice actors for Spidey)

Scissorman822780d ago

This sounds like an amazing idea. And it's exactly why it will never happen, especially if companies keep firing their cleverness divisions. =P