Hands-on Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

From shiny graphics to amazing character animations, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune has all the tools to take the platforming genre into the next generation.

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Microsoft Knight4483d ago

maybe the 360 version will be better looking as of right now uncarthed looks like a psp game

HarryEtTubMan4483d ago

riiigggggghhhhhhhhhhhttttt. I get the idea you're a loser and don't have a life. Anywho, this game has the best console graphics seen to date and definately the best animation engine ever seen in a game. Gonna be a good solid game.

Bolts4483d ago

You obviously can't tell the difference between $hit and frenchfries.


No wonder you have 1 bubble

celticlonewolf4483d ago

Im really looking forward to this game it looks great but I think the story line is what will really make this game(im hoping anyway)

stuntman_mike4483d ago

this game is looking amazing, also coming from the people who did jak games it cant fail to impress.

lonestarmt4483d ago

the motion controls have been added on last min? o great another motion control hater. What an idiot. They have been showing that for years now. Since the first gameplay footage they showed you having to do that.