(Armless Octopus) Rotor Review: Get in the chopper

Flight – It has been the dream of man since the beginning of time. Thanks to modern technology we can finally fufill that dream. After it had been mastered in our physical universe, developers decided to take it to the next level and master it in the digital frontier. Microsoft has been doing it successfully for over a quarter century with their Flight Simulator series, so why can’t another developer do the same under their indie platform?

Along comes Pocket Starship with their latest title Rotor. While Rotor is a game, in essence I found it more to be a technical achievement, further displaying the breadth of possibilities that XNA has to offer. The game itself is simply a timed event of collecting elements scattered throughout the environment which are marked on your map. Imagine Superman 64, but actually working. That’s the problem though – the gameplay itself just isn’t very interesting.

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