Dead Space 2 port for the Wii was once a real thing

Looks like EA was at one point planning on porting Dead Space 2 to the Wii. Now it has been scrapped completely as indicated by the job portfolios of EA designer Gerry Sakkas and freelance developer Matt Spriggens.

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AdventShadow012753d ago

Never understood why dead space didn't support move.

Masterchef20072752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It wouldnt have been the same experience due to the hardware of the Wii. The lighting in Dead Space when it came out was amazing and i dont see how they could have done that with Gamecube hardware.

The Wiis hardware is based off the gamecube right?

LoaMcLoa2752d ago

Kinda, it's like 50 % better. But Extraction looked pretty good, would've loved to see Dead Space 2 Wii with that engine