Playstation Move Heroes Review : Brutal Gamer

Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes:

What strikes you early on here, possibly before you even buy the game, is what an odd combination of Playstation-centric “Stars” this game employs. In fact, if you wanted to be pedantic – and I do – only two characters in this collection are actually viable Playstation characters; those being Ratchett & Clank. Characters drawn from Jack & Daxter and Sly Cooper are yet to make a “proper” PS3 debut.

Surely a collection of relevant PS3 characters might have been more appropriate here. Maybe Rico or Nate Drake might have been at odds with the look and feel of the game but surely a place was open for the hugely likeable Joe Danger or Sackboy? Any, as we have it we are presented with a who’s who of PS2 iconic characters.

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moosehound2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

It has it's moments but it just struggles to find an audience or be more than simply average :(

averyzoe2751d ago

Oh, I just got this in the mail, but haven't tried it out yet. But I was thinking the fact that I got it from a trading site the week after release perhaps wasn't the best sign. Ah, well, hopefully I'll get a few entertaining moments out of it anyway.

Knushwood Butt2751d ago

I played some more last night.

Yeah, it can get repetitive if you play for a long time, and unless I'm missing something the camera can be a bit annoying, but other than that I'm quite enjoying it. The whip super move where you charge it up on your shoulder and then let rip is particularly satisfying.

It's not a full-price game, so I don't understand why it's getting ripped on in reviews.

moosehound2751d ago

Hi - it's £40 /$65 RRP here in the UK :D

Knushwood Butt2747d ago

@ moosehound

Does that count as a full price game over there?

You can get it for about 3,500 Yen in Japan. Pretty cheap. Much cheaper than a full price game.

Played some more today. It's not bad. Not sure why there is so much hate. OK, probably not worth paying full price for, but for what I paid I'm happy enough.