A Limited Edition, Customized Xbox 360 Just For Japan

Kotaku - Japan's DEZAEGG is like a car painting and body works shop for game consoles. They take consoles, handhelds and computers and make them look all purdy. Its latest effort is a limited edition Xbox 360 to mark the anime broadcast of visual novel Steins;Gate.

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-Mezzo-2754d ago

Look cool, i think the controller could have been better with a different look.

goodfellajay2754d ago

yes looks good..but ps3 for thx

NaiNaiNai2753d ago

wow second comment is a ps3 one.

how unheard of.

Emilio_Estevez2754d ago

Looks cool, but Japanese people don't buy xboxs.

-Mezzo-2753d ago

Agreed, they're all Sony & Nintendo.

SpaceSquirrel2753d ago

I wish this would come to the US

MagicGamer2753d ago

Maybe it's a attempt to get Japanese to start buying the Xbox
can't blame them for trying.

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The story is too old to be commented.