Top 5 Signs You Need Help With Gaming or Internet Addiction

Do you or someone you know spend too much time playing video or computer games or going online? Here are some ways to tell if you need to ask for help.

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mrsGamer2751d ago

that kid in the pix needs help

MitchGE2751d ago

Only number 3 for me, luckily haha.

-Mezzo-2751d ago

well said pal, i guess I need help more than anyone if N4G is to make the list.

goodfellajay2751d ago

we both do mezzo..i think we both were on here last night and everynight..and here we are agagin

jaredhart2751d ago

Most people get addicted to something. Just have to find the least damaging.

Bullshido2751d ago

There is no such thing as gaming addiction, I saw it on Mythbusters and it is "Busted".

mygd2751d ago

Haha! I haven't seen it, but I'm sure it is busted. Those who are "addicted" to video games it's because they're filling some kind of void. When the void disappears, gaming loses priority.

ObnoxiousGamer2751d ago

Who honestly check Myspace anymore?.....just saying....

Hozi892751d ago

In life there can be an addiction for anything. Anything you spend most of your time with means you idolize it. you make it your God. So start spending more time with Jesus and your bible ppl!

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