Why Don’t I Lose Myself In Games Anymore?

Kotaku - You know when you're going to finish a video game. It pushes its ethereal fist into your chest and seizes hold of your heart in a way you can almost feel-like being grabbed by the throat, a tightness in your chest that sets every nerve humming to the tune of the experience. That feeling gives you patience when you've been defeated a thousand times, or when you don't know what to do next. It makes you forgiving, when the game has flaws and bugs, and it makes you committed should the pacing fall apart, leaving no choice but to plod devotedly onward just to see what happens.

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kyl2772805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Because they aren't as good as they used to be, name me a game as good as Deus Ex this generation please.

There aren't many.

-Mezzo-2805d ago

Agreed, Deus Ex is one of the best gaming Experience ever i had.

darthv722805d ago

it's all about time. I still havent finished SotC or LoZ Windwaker or either of the Resistance games or even ODST/Reach/Gears 1&2. I start practically every game I buy at some point but never really finish them due to time.

There is a legitimate desire to go back and finish games like Lost Odyssey but i havent really started it either. There it sits in the case waiting for me to get into it all the while bioshock, Oblivion and Alan Wake wait to be finished as well.

I suck this gen and I admit it. When I was younger I beat every game i bought. From Metroid to Metal Gear to....Phantasy star. Ooops..I have not beaten shining in the darkness as I am lost in the dungeons forever it would seem. At that point i give up if I cant beat a game but that is rare.

I have hundreds of games on dozens of platforms and just dont have the time anymore. New stuff comes out and i have to play that. It's like my netflix queue. New movies come out and i add them only to keep pushing back the older ones further and further.

DA_SHREDDER2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Windwaker is the only Zelda I never played to death. It doesn't matter, the fact is that the classics aren't just good cause of nostalgia, but because people who loved video games, made video games. Its times like this when I see articles like this, the media's actions prove that they don't even like to play video games. They talk about the greats like they are a pile of shit, and when they say they want more inovations, but don't even say how or what to do to change it. Why do rpg's not need to be turn based anymore? Why have I not seen a true next gen Dragon Warrior on playstation? Why has Kojima not made a next gen Z.O.E? Why is Mario not in HD yet? So many questions that are unanswered yet the media are so hooked on facebook and tablet games they don't even play on consoles unless its for a community gathering. Bring back gaming to the streets!!!

BlackTar1872805d ago

I think you'll get a bunch of new age people in here willing to give you some but some games were just to good back then they spoiled us till this day.

what a great game Deus Ex was though

a08andan2805d ago

I think that "Gamer fatigue" plays a huge part in not enjoying games as much as I/you used to. I think a lot of gamers simply have played to much. :)

Kran2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Portal and Half Life says Hi.

(I mean't Half-Life 2)

kyl2772805d ago

Half Life came out in 1998 so it doesn't exactly qualify as this generation

Portal is fun but it's not on the same level as Deus Ex.

KiRBY30002805d ago


that might be a shocker to you but we're in 2011, kid.

ian722805d ago

Deus Ex is the best game I've ever played. I can't think of any game as good at all.

Perjoss2805d ago

I know exactly what the article is talking about, but there are still some gems these days. I was totally sucked into the first Mass Effect game, Red Dead Redemption was another that really pulled me in. The triple A titles are still about, its just that there is so much cookie-cutter linear garbage too.

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goodfellajay2805d ago

cuz storys in games r dead..only a few now

JudgeDredd2805d ago

best games iv'e ever played, Lunar followed by Chrono Trigger.

jaredhart2805d ago

Stories seem to be too cliche these days

BlackTar1872805d ago

Snatcher Sega CD had me so into the story or the MGS. A bunch of old games and a couple new ones.

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