Disappointing: New Wii SKU Is Just Like Old Wii SKU

Wired went and found out what the deal was with Nintendo's "new" Wii. You can return to normal breathing patterns, fanboys, the only thing that's different between the new and the old box is that the "new" one comes with the Wii Remote safety jacket. Which for some reason Luke at Kotaku just cannot look at without thinking of Jim Brown's rad Egyptian headdress in Mars Attacks.

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akaFullMetal4024d ago

watch out kids a wii jacket

midgard2294024d ago

thats really uselesss and un important...

jackdoe4024d ago

Were Nintendo advertising the fact that it was a new sku or something? Otherwise, I don't see why this is really that disappointing. I wasn't expecting anything new.

Rooftrellen4024d ago

No one was. In fact, when news of the new SKU came, I didn't even so much as see an H or a D mentioned after "Wii" at all.

Some people thought there would be new colors. Some thought it would include the zapper. Some even saw the comming of a slightly redesigned Wii that happens in the natural progression of a generation. Heck, some people even nailed the jacket.

To my knowledge, Nintendo never made a big deal about it, and all Wii fans I know were grounded enough not to expect anything life altering.

mikeslemonade4024d ago

I won't be surprised if Nintendo actually has a shortage on wiimote jackets. It's amazing how all three systems in this generation have problems. Some problems dumber than others, but they still are problems.

Darkiewonder4024d ago

Because they added a Wii Jacket? O.o

Just WOW.

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