CVG - Gordon Freeman should stay silent and deadly

CVG - The opening of Half Life is, for me, one of the turning points of video gaming's history. The journey into Black Mesa on the mono-rail, the hunt for your suit and the wheeling of a sample into the beam to rip open the dimension (possibly after exploding someone's lunch in a microwave) should forever more be considered a defining moment.

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goodfellajay2755d ago

half life 2..coming never..sad but awesome game

a_bro2754d ago

um, i had it since 2005, were have you been?

goodfellajay2754d ago

sorry i meant

Mr Tretton2754d ago

People need to stop asking when HL3 is coming. Ep3 will be first. The Episodes are a TRILOGY. That is a FACT. I tend even get retarded disagrees and agruments with that.

Newell himself said a couple of years ago that Ep3 is in the works. Expect that first.

-Mezzo-2755d ago

I just want this game, i don't care if Gordon is as loud as my Girlfriend.

Redgehammer2754d ago

I agree that the opening sequence to HL is one of the seminal moments in gaming history.

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