Portal: Still Alive 50% Off On XBLM

Portal: Still Alive is now down to 600 MSP thats 50% off the original price. This Promotion gives people a chance to catch up with the franchise before they were to buy the second Portal which comes out on April 19th just two weeks away. So fire up the 360, download the game, shoot blue and orange ovals at the wall, walk through them and look for thats damn cake. Oh and don’t leave the companion cube behind. Heres the marketplace link so you can just download it to your 360 now.

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jidery2779d ago

They really should get this on the PS3 to help sell Portal 2.

erathaol2779d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Think it was released as part of the PS3 orange box. No one talks about it because it was a terrible port.

Its good enough that Valve is bringing Portal 2 to the PS3 with Steamworks connectivity, which allows you to download Portal 2 on your computer if you connect your PSN account with your Steam account.

Bojeeva2779d ago

nice one - thanks for the heads up!

B1663r2779d ago

Wow the 11 people who still havent played this game are in for a treat, at a bargan price.

gorebago2778d ago

My copy of the orange box is scratched in one spot and it's the spot thst loads up Portal. When I try to load it up, I get sent to the HL2 menu. This deal is a life saver for me =p.

montyburns0002778d ago

have you tried installing the disc? i had a problem with my GTA4 disc freezing but after installing it it works great now.

gorebago2778d ago

Yeah I did. It always stops at 87%. I was going to buy another copu but this means I don't have to now.

Maester072779d ago

Is this the original Portal that came with the Orange Box? I imagine so but if not will definitely snap it up.

B1663r2779d ago

Did the original come with the challenge modes? This one has the challenge modes, which its been a while, but they are time trials, and min number of portal trials.

iirc it was updated to a 250 gamer score title from a 200 point gamerscore title, the extra 50 having to do with the challenge levels...

gcolley2778d ago

it was extra levels for people like me who couldn't get enough. there was no voice in this one (GlaDOS), just a bunch of extra levels and worth a buy if you loved portal.

ambientFLIER2778d ago

Don't forget native 1080p as well...

Raven_Nomad2778d ago

Hated this game then, still hate it now. Not my thing. Good deal for those interested though.

montyburns0002778d ago

i didn't see the appeal of portal when i played it on the orange box and won't be falling for the hype that is portal2.