Get Mass Effect 2 PC with purchase of Dragon Age 2

Thanks to gamers like you, Dragon Age II is off to a great start – breaking the 1 million mark in less than two weeks and faster than Dragon Age: Origins. Bioware appreciates your support. As a special thank you for helping with the game's early success, BioWare would like to present you with a download code for 2010's Game of the Year, Mass Effect 2 on PC.

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Omega Archetype2751d ago

Was about to submit this story. Was beat by like 2 minutes haha.

Great deal though, too bad I don't have the cash to get Dragon Age II (thought the demo was awesome,) but for those that bought it, congrats!

I can only afford one game at the moment and I'm excitedly getting SOCOM 4! Thanks to amazon's promotional credit though, otherwise I wouldn't be getting jack!

Kran2751d ago

Duplicate. But still.

EA. You got one right :)

You will always be better than Activision.... only by a bit though. :P

PaladinXII2751d ago

Actually, the other one is the dupe. I submitted 10 min before he/she did.

Kran2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Ahh but that is where you are wrong. I went to the bottom of the submissions page and approved the first article on the page, which was the other one.

The other one was also approved first. Yours only got to 50 first. That is all.

PaladinXII2751d ago

All you need to do is look at when they were submitted... unless there are even more duplicates out there.

OtherWhiteMeat2751d ago

Who cares who submitted the story,I'm getting a free game.

PaladinXII2751d ago

I don't really care. Just didn't like being accused of posting a dupe story when I clearly didn't. I try to be a good community member and when my reputation is impugned like that, I take offense.

All of that said, hell's yeah we're getting a free game! :)