Six worthwhile 6/10 games

OXM UK: "Last week we wrote a lot of tosh about why 7/10 isn't, as some reviewers and many readers presume, the de facto lowest score on the scale.

There are at least seven "great" 7/10 titles knocking around, we argued... and many of you agreed - so many, in fact, that we've decided to venture even further down the ladder in search of quality."

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dirigiblebill2806d ago

I thought Bionic Commando was aces. Tough, but thrilling - the way games used to be made.

pixelsword2806d ago

I wanna play that because it looks very innovative.

HeavenlySnipes2806d ago

Saboteur is worth playing

The rest are luck they got that score in the first place...

Raven_Nomad2806d ago

Ninja Blade is one of my all time favorite underrated games, I believe it's much better then NG2 and is definitely worth picking up if you own a XBox 360.