Aperture Science Would Like To Show You "Turrets"

TGH Writes: "Need to protect your family? Need to guard your bank? Well Aperture Science is here to help with Turrets! Check out the new investment opportunity from Aperture Science"

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smithdown3849d ago

Awesome. "Evening at the improv..." Nice.
Best trailers for a game in ages.

Lamarthedancer3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Why are these robots the main thing for the adverts and promos like this

Where are the real stars GLaDOS and Chell, they give her a new look and heres there chance to show it off

It's not like were going to see her in a CGI cutscene because it's a Valve game.

I feel like there pushing the co-op just for sales, Chet even said they had to cut the script for the single player for CO-OP, which basicaly meant we could of made the single player longer but wanted to add co-op :(

mn213849d ago

the story is supposedly 2-2.5 times longer than portal.
the co-op is supposedly 2 times longer than portal.

co-op story takes place after the single player campaign, so you're basically getting a game 4-5 times longer than the first portal.

i'm definitely not complaining

Lamarthedancer3849d ago

Still...when you find out it could of been longer and it's been cut for Co-Op you kind of wish they would of stick with a longer story.

I mean this is Valve were talking about, I'd rather have a longer Single player because lets face it, Portal 3 is going to be a long way off, might as well get as much out of the story in Portal 2

Convas3849d ago

I'm rather glad about the lack of Single Player stuff.

It means one of two things:

(1) It's so impossibly delicious, that there's no way Valve is going to let us feast upon it till release.

(2) Or they REALLY have a heck of a lot of spoilerific goodness throughout the game and will ultimately just end up releasing ONE (1) story/launch trailer closer to the release date!

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