DC Universe Online Free Update Brings Two-Face — Heads or Tales?

To combat those lingering post-time-change blues, DC Universe Online is adding another free batch of new downloadable content that will introduce you to former Gotham City District Attorney-turned crime boss Harvey Dent (aka “Two-Face”) in the sinister new installment. Follow Dent into The Penguin’s hideout to take out his smuggling operation… but you will never know if he is going to help or hinder your gameplay.

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Godmars2902753d ago

There's no such things as "free" updates when you're paying a subscription based MMO. Not unless you're in the first free month, and even then you've bought the game.

Just saying.

BlackTar1872753d ago

1love this game. Can't wait to get home to play.

Pain2753d ago

So far im liking it!!

Soon Batcave 3 raid.... mmm raid....

zootang2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Add myself to the love list! Great game!

Need Bubbles!

Les-Grossman2753d ago

Does anyone know how text chat now works on the PS3 like Shout etc ? They changed all of that

Rynx2753d ago

it's still the same, except now you can press and hold square to select it, or just type "/" and the "shout" to do it. Still the one problem that persist is when someone has two names and it says "player not found"

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The story is too old to be commented.