AMD’s 6790, the new mid-range sweet-spot

Looking to gain market share back from Nvidia’s GTX 550/560 Ti the company is enticing gamers who want a 1080p capable card without a financial meltdown. The HD 6790 is aiming at the $150 sweet-spot, offering up a well-priced GPU from the same 40 nm “Barts” architecture as the previous 6800 cards; 6970, 6870 and the 6850.

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ATiElite2752d ago

At $159 i would take a 460 GTX over this.
WAY better performance by like 15 FPS per game at 1920 x 1080p with AA/AF. PLUS the 460 GTX overclocks very very well.

and if you got a second one later on for SLI it puts you at 480 GTX levels or better and completely CRUSHES a HD 6790 CF set-up.

DigitalAnalog2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I own a 560 Ti, and the recent nvidia driver beta update gives you unbelievable performance!

-End statement

ATiElite2752d ago

The gigabyte 560 ti > WAY Better THAN A HD 6790. Like i said there's NO reason to buy a HD6790.

If your planning on buying a Gigbyte 560 GTX may i suggest this one. Look at the stock core clocks of 950mhz. It's the best 560 gtx out and it runs as fast as a 570 gtx on some games.

distorted_reality2752d ago

There have been some very weird moves made since the AMD/ATI amalgamation.......this is definitely one of them.

sp1deynut2752d ago

...more like $120-$130, if they want to compete with the Nvidia GTXs. Everyone knows AMD cards tend to be poorly optimized, compared to most Nvidia cards, so they need to price their cards accordingly.

tigerstyle2752d ago

i've lost track of graphics cards since the 8800's came out. Almost any card is capable of handling most of the game out today.

ATiElite2752d ago

Sure at 1280 x 1024 30 fps no AA 4xAF No post processing effects and in DX9 mode.

But if you want to game across 3 monitors at 1600p with 4xAA 16Af DX11 mode with max graphics then a 8800 just doesn't cut it.

Masterchef20072752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Here you go review from toms if anyones interested

By the way im going to build a rig with a Asus 560ti which costs 255€ is it worth it?

ATiElite2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Get this one. but if your dead set on the Asus then yeh go ahead as the 560 GTX is the best bang for buck card out and if you get another later on....AWESOME!

Look at the stock clocks and check out the benchmarks.

I just notice you were using Euro so go here