Pirates Of The Caribbean: 'We guarantee this game is win'

Traveller's Tales big up their new LEGO game in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine's website.

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Senden2843d ago

Game based on a movie on a nintendo platform.. they say it's win? I'm not convinced.

kneon2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

It's also on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and Windows, but that was conveniently left out of the article.

Senden2843d ago

That's even worse.. very rarely do you get a game based on a movie that is released on every platform which isn't shovelware trash designed for a quick sale.

MidnytRain2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

It's a Nintendo oriented website and service ( k). It's not unexpected that sites such as these ignore the other platforms' existences. But I guess they are doing no wrong; alot of people who regularly visit that site could care less what other platforms a game is on.

banjadude2843d ago

IMO, all LEGO related games are win. There is just this certain charm to those games.