Crysis 2 First High-Resolution Textures Pack Released

DasReviews writes: "Even though Crysis 2 didn’t come out with the CryEngine 3 editor, the modding community has already started modding the game. As you may have guessed, the first mods are simple textures replacements. After all, Crysis 2′s vanilla textures were quite low-res. We should note that the replacement textures are taken from Crysis 1 and that this pack doesn’t work if you’ve already updated your game to the version..."

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elementhax2753d ago

Great post, do you have link for download of this new "pack"?

TotalPS3Fanboy2753d ago

That's a high resolution texture pack? Still doesn't look any better.

Raf1k12753d ago

I read the title and thought it was an official pack.
I hope Crytek release an official one as well as a DX11 patch.

Fred-G-Sanford2753d ago

"I hope Crytek release an official one as well as a DX11 patch."

Orionsangel2753d ago

You can't even tell the difference.

Veni Vidi Vici2753d ago

Gotta agree. I can't really notice anything. Not worth the trouble of downloading and renaming stuff, etc.

HardCover2753d ago

YOU can't even tell the difference.

I can.

B1663r2753d ago

I can tell the difference as well, but it is not enough to matter... And dang, that dude is about ready to melt the solder on his video card for these changes that are almost completely irrelevant...

Crytek made the right decision on texture size.

Nolando2753d ago

its all in their heads. people cant be happy with what they got. i find the graphics to be amazing. interface issues do suck although the most recent patch fixed alot of things.

dirthurts2753d ago

The game looks great. The textures will make very little difference, and you will notice very little difference during gameplay.
But hey, better is better. If it's you're thing go for it.

v0rt3x2753d ago

Am I reading this right???

"Although we can’t include the download link for this High-Resolution Textures Pack, we can provide you with the installation notes"

- "we can't include the download link"????

Are mods now considered cracks or illegal??? You have sooo got to be shitting me!

Bodster2753d ago

Iv linked the download above ;)

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