3DS release schedule remains depressingly barren despite Steel Diver's appearance

"Mayday! Fire! Other underwater seafaring quotes from Steel Diver! We’ll be hearing our 3DS blurt such words out on May 6 2011, as Nintendo Europe has just announced their underwater seafaring DS tech demo turned 3DS game is headed just over a month away for European 3DS owners.

However, with one more release added to 3DS’s upcoming lineup in that launch window until around June, that leaves us with a depressingly low amount of upcoming 3DS retail games."

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kesvalk2753d ago

why is everyone saying the 3DS has no games? of course it has no games, it launched only some months ago!

remember the "wii has no games" or "ps3 has no games"? all consoles starts slow... there is no point to say the obvious...

disgaeapuchi2752d ago

Please read the story/article - note that it never mentioned how there are no games. It's that Europe isn't getting any games, how said games are on the way but Europe isn't receiving any in April/May (only 3 games are out then) compared with other regions.

kesvalk2752d ago

i am just ranting about the whole thing...

disgaeapuchi2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

No problem and apologies for the confusion! I agree with you there! Though funnily enough 3DS does have plenty of games - at least in Japan.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for games after E3, though!