Planet Unreal's UT3 Preview

As you probably know by now, the demo is scheduled to come out in under two weeks. You may be disappointed to find out that of the four maps to be included, none will demonstrate the Warfare game mode. Mark indicated that a single Warfare map simply doesn't represent the game type properly, and therefore wouldn't do it justice.

The demo will officially be labeled as a beta, which means community feedback may indeed play a part in development. When asked whether Epic would be willing to delay UT3 if community feedback was not satisfactory it was noted with affirmation. However, it's unlikely that the community will have any major gripes. Epic has gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that UT3 is awesome, including scheduling two to three hours of play test every single day. The demo will primarily serve as a stress test and ensure compatibility over a wide range of systems.

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wangdiddy824492d ago

Good news for the ps3.. Looks identical to the pc version.. awesome.. Another good online game to add to the ps3 collection.. This and warhawk the ps3 will have the best online games on a console..

From the looks of it. Epic seems like they havent even started the 360 version..

"The PS3 version is indeed scheduled to be released shortly after the PC version, but it’s evident that this isn’t due to any sort of technical difficulty. A PS3 was up and running UT3 along side the PC’s, and it looked to be identical. The difference in release simply comes down to Epic’s desire to get UT3 in stores this November, and it was their choice to favor the loyal PC players first. A Xbox 360 version will come at some time, but specifically when we don’t know. Epic has yet to have determined how (and if) Microsoft will permit mod support, and certainly UT3 without mods would be like UT3 without guns."

Kleptic4492d ago

"UT3 without mods is like UT3 without guns" true...

This is probably my most anticipated game right now...especially in terms of online...Uncharted looks to be fun, as does R&C...but UT3 is something I will be playing a year from now with no end in sight...

I really hope the PS3 version still makes it in december...ever since that announcemnet, more and more have been commenting on how the PS3 version is seemingly exactly the same as the PC version...something that helps point to the possibility of a December 07 release...