Go! Gaming Giant: Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

From the review:

"It’s hard to believe that it has already been a little over a decade since Sega’s simian creations rolled into the gaming scene. In the years since, several new iterations have been released, but nothing has been able to live up to the original so far despite their efforts. To accompany the launch of the 3DS, we have yet another addition to the Super Monkey Ball series. While it would be a stretch to say this is capable of imitating the glory of the original game for all fans, it’s certainly a good attempt and is easily one of the better sequels. It doesn’t have the amount of content many of us are used to, but the fun is there."

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omicron0092753d ago

never got into the single player of Super Monkey Ball games, but love the multiplayer, glad to see this has some multiplayer games.

RaymondM2753d ago

hmm a decent score, but i was never a fan of the monkey ball series.