Sony's NGP 'Perfect' for MMOs

MMOs don't have the greatest record on consoles, but Sony Online Entertainment is trying to change that with FreeRealms on PS3. SOE boss John Smedley also sees a ton of potential for MMOs on the upcoming NGP, strongly hinting that FreeRealms will eventually make its way to the portable.

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donniebaseball2753d ago

WoW on NGP, here we come! Ha, no I don't see that happening. Just bad SOE games like Free Realms

sinncross2753d ago

Free Realms sounds like an easy one to get across; btu I hope DC Universe Online gets a leap and maybe down the line the Agency will be finished off.

That said, ppl seem to have forgotten that the first rumoured PSP2 game was a Chinese MMORPG:

distorted_reality2753d ago

I honestly don't see how it would be any different to MMO's on consoles. The main gripe with console mmo's is how restrictive the control scheme is to develop a really intricate MMO for - I don't see how the NGP changes this.

jujubee882753d ago

The NGP has dual touch displays.

- UI that switches on-screen cursor from box select to normal select.

-Back touch moves cursor.

That is the basic cursor problem solved. Hot keys are another minute thing that could probably be easily resolved.

distorted_reality2753d ago

Hotkeys are hardly a tiny issue lol.

jujubee882753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

What do you mean? Hotkeys are abundant in a keyboard but, the NGP has it's share of inputs. D-pad, buttons, analogs, the click in the analogs, shoulder buttons and, even different touch gestures.

And that's not even the gimmicky features like motion and cameras. Although, on face value MMO gamers might not like the idea of using those features.

Viper72753d ago

I wonder why games such as angel love online have not invaded consoles yet. The game was released in japan for Ps3 quite a while a go and it worked pretty well and had mouse + keyboard support.

Games such as maple story, Raknarok could have potential if they where to get console port with mouse and keyboard support.

zero_cool2753d ago

You people forget PS3 has playstation move & the playstation navigator controller as an option which means it would work on a mmo game that uses a keyboard & mouse interface set up.

Jio2753d ago

Panasonic Jungle, lol, that was doomed from the start.

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