4.0 Homefront Review writes "Homefront attempts to rival goliaths of the modern first-person shooter genre like Call of Duty and Battlefield with 32-player team-based standoffs set in near-future war-torn America. Even though on first glance it resembles something of a B-team effort, in most respects it succeeds."

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Excalibur2756d ago

4/10? Seriously?
I'm not even going to bother reading this.

Having already beaten the SP and enjoying the Heck out of the MP I'd give the game a 7.75 out of 10.

DelbertGrady2756d ago

I'd probably give the SP a 4/10 but the MP is like a completely different game. Loving it.

Game0N2756d ago

baiting for hits much...?

thekiddfran2756d ago

I would have taught so too but seen as this game has been getting poor reviews all round, I think this review is genuine.

KrystofKage12756d ago

This review reads like a bratty kid whining to his stepfather "You're not my real dad!"

This is not COD or Battlefield, but that's no reason to hate it.

Kingdom Come2756d ago

Well COD is a disgraceful franchise so I would consider Homefront better.