PCGA Claim Consoles Are Dying, PCs To Take Crown

The new president of the PC Gaming Alliance, Matt Ployhar, has said that despite a lot of critics stating that PC gaming is dying out, it is in fact the consoles that are holding back the industry. He also claims the gaming crown will soon belong to PCs once again.

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imvix2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Anyone ever imagined what will happen at the start of next gen?

While both consoles will be starting from a User base of 0, networks like Steam will be having a huge user base advantage. Steam as of 2010 was at 30million paying customers. In the next 2-3 years i predict it will be easily 50million+ add in the rest of the DD networks and we might easily be looking at figures 80million +

Now imagine when next consoles are out and devs are looking which platform to keep as the lead platform they note the PS4 and xbox 720 at numbers like 5-7 million, while PC DD networks mouting to 80million plus, i think it will become difficult for any developer to ignore the PC market. Specially until the consoles catch up in terms of user base.

BeastlyRig2805d ago

WOW!! You just made the best point ever on N4G!

Congrats!! :)

imvix2805d ago

Pc gaming is the way forward mate wether people like it or not.

I have over 150 games on Steam at the moment. When next gen consoles role out. Consolers will be worrying if all those thousands worth of games they bought this gen will even work. Mean While my cheaply purchased library will only keep growing.

Console gamers have historically been brainwashed, that console gaming is cheap, not really when you consider all the expensive software you purchased and which has become unplayable, just so they can have you run out to buy new games on the new platform.

Last but not least, when the current console gen started a gaming PC cost 800-1000usd, While the newly released consoles cost 600usd. Today a good gaming rig will cost you 600usd. While newly released console will still be hanging around 400-500usd. The price gap has fallen. No point paying Sony or microsoft a premium over every game purchased specially for multiplats.

starchild2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Very well said. PC gaming is only growing.

There are so many advantages to PC gaming and I hope more and more people realize that.

nix2805d ago

urm... don't you think it will be more like i get myself a PS4/x720 but still use the same log-in to access PSN?

DeadlyFire2804d ago

Only thing developers fear about the PC market is pirates. Make your game worth buying then you won't have to worry. That or you could invent a a way that actually works at killing piracy that doesn't piss us consumers off.

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TBM2805d ago

i'm more comfortable sitting back on my couch or laying in my bed gaming. i spend all day in front of a computer at work for me to come home and do that for another few hrs just isnt my thing.

i'll stick with consoles i don't need super maxed out settings to enjoy the games that i play, just a nice comfortable setting like my couch or bed.

TBM2805d ago

wow looks like i've offended some PC gamers with my personal preference on how i like to game.

sorry guys i've been gaming on consoles since i was a little kid back in the 80s and i doubt super max settings are going to get me to game strictly on PC.

the day Nintendo, and Sony say they are out of the gaming business altogether, and that we can play their exclusives on PC then i'll think about going that route.

until then feel free to disagree away :)

aaaaaaaaa2805d ago

On my pc I can play in any room with an hdtv(kitchen living room or bedroom) all I need is my mouse & joypad, simple. You are right about not needing to play games on max settings the bonus to that is your PC doesn't cost as much.

Offended No not at all I'm sure some PC gamers forgive you. ;)

gcolley2805d ago

i used to PC game but now console. i prefer my couch, i prefer to know a game will run OPTIMISED for MY system, and i can't afford to upgrade a PC all the time. i know a PC can connect to a HDTV but until 4K TVs hit the market they are getting a very similar experience as a console but with a few more realistic effects to add to the immersion... still the same res.

i don't understand some of the comments on this forum, it is a cesspool of negative energy. a preference is exactly that. how one person prefers to play. stating your preference should never anger another gamer, if so they have a problem, not you.

some people like to max out their settings, it is very similar to upgrading your car. it is the same as paying an extra $100 to buy a better model of camera for better performance. there are 2 types of people in this world, some that love specs and some that don't give a shit. and this changes for each product anyway. it is a hobby of some of my friends to build and maintain a high end PC and good on them, they are doing something they love.

the thing with gaming is it is all about the experience... some of us like to know they are getting the very best experience out there and others rely on the game to do that. also the definition of very best experience is different for each person. i don't sit a meter away from my screen so i understand i don't need higher than 1080.

the 2 can happily co-exist, just the same as cameras and camera phones.

they are called options. and options are always good. please don't wish for these options to go away as this forum is so good at that. don't get sucked in to it.

vojtas2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

.. and realized it's not a dream. It's true.

evrfighter2805d ago

He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming but the console fanboys in tears before his eyes were very real.

He smiled and went out for a nice walk.

MysticStrummer2805d ago

lol You're delusional. PC gaming wins in the graphics department and in the mods department. That's it. Consoles aren't going anywhere.

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Jacobite2805d ago

A happy note for a change nice to hear one, that'll piss the console fanboys off lol

MysticStrummer2805d ago

I can't speak for the other console users, but it made me laugh. It's just ridiculous.

Jacobite2805d ago

might be, but put a smile on my face the irony

mushroomwig2805d ago

So let me get this right, the president of the 'PC Gaming Alliance' is defending PC gaming? I'm in shock.

Trroy2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Ha ha ha?

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