Red Dead Redemption Machinima: Public Enemy

A guy takes revenge on the people who killed his wife. Checkout this awesome RDR video, bet you haven't seen anything like this before.

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TheGamingArt2805d ago

Yea, nothing much here... kinda bland don't you think?

Kingdom Come2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

This Machinima has been out for months. There are much better Machinima's out there. I've a Blog Post of some of my personal favourites:

AmigoSniped2805d ago

Interesting video. Haven't seen stuff like this before

Lirky2805d ago

it was good the camera angles i wonder if another person used a fps mode to film that.

Lirky2805d ago

you cant really self machinima in Rockstar games as good since in fps mode well then again u can turn the hud off so i guess u can lol.