The Gamer Buzz: The 3rd Birthday review

If a game could get by on looks and audio alone, The 3rd Birthday would be near the head of the pack, but it unfortunately falls behind on other fronts. The awkward controls and a storyline that feels like it came up short only detract from what could be the crowning achievement in the saga of Aya Brea. An intuitive levelling system and easy-to-use customization help to bolster the redeeming qualities in gameplay and the offering of a series of unlockable “Cheats” for those who want to play through the game more than once won’t go amiss.

In short, the game would have been much better suited to a console rather than being released on the PSP and deserved a better effort from Square-Enix. Still, it manages to maintain an enjoyable experience that will leave fans of the series wanting more.

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