LOL: Nintendo suggests spinning around in a chair in 3DS mode

This is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. In promoting Steel Diver, Nintendo has urged gamers to play the game in 3D as well as spin around in a chair at the same time. Err, can anyone say MEGA HEADACHE? Also how on earth would anyone keep in the 'sweet spot' for 3DS effects when spinning around in a chair?

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eagle212751d ago

LOL my butt...

3DS all the way! Haters are so dumb....reminds me of blu-ray naysayers...they lost too!

TruthbeTold2751d ago

Not only should they do it for Steel Diver, but also for Face Raiders. It brings out the game's intention better.

PygmelionHunter2750d ago

lol I remember getting scolded so many times for doing this in public places as a kid...