Coming to Terms With a Call of Duty Addiction

“My name is Kaleb, and I’m a Call of Duty addict.”

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maxcavsm2780d ago

Actually dreamed about CoD this weekend; it was some weird time attack mode like Bulletstorm. This is coming from an ex-WoW addict :)

TheStonedSheep2780d ago

CoD mixed with Bulletstorm? Now that sounds like a game worth being addicted

Focker4202780d ago

My CoD addiction ended when MW2 came out. It wasn't hard though, it was like taking your cigs, drugs, or alcohol and dousing it in vinegar, you had no choice but to quit.

Dart892780d ago

Ahhh quick kill it it's an abomination obviously i'm referring to cod.

Skyliner122780d ago

I think it's completely legit to have a CoD addiction. I think every gamer has read about crazy couples that go play WoW or Starcraft and leave their kid unattended for like, 40 hours or some insanity. Games are addicting stuff.

thekiddfran2780d ago

What a shit game to get addicted to.

claterz2780d ago

How can people get addicted to a game that's so frustrating.

I don't think I've ever been addicted to a game.....maybe runescape but I was like 13 lol.

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