Security Expert Details Sony Hack Options

NowGamer: Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant at software security firm Sophos has dicussed the options open to Sony regarding the denial of service attacks by hacker collective Anonymous...

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Joni-Ice2756d ago

Nobody had problems logging in to PSN. I was playing KZ3 all day. These hackers need a hug.

ChristianGamer2756d ago

I guess SONY is retarded investigating solutions to problems that don't exist then? Or just maybe the world does not consist of just you and your friend list and other people may just have had issues. No, that would be too logical right?

redDevil872756d ago

Why are you always so angry at Sony? You need to chill out lol.


Is just an MTA. The best way is to ignore him.

MrBeatdown2756d ago Show
BK-2012756d ago

Yes the problem was in US servers but only lasted 30mins.

GodofSackboy2756d ago

Wow you're always enraged at SONY. It's rly weird...

Commander_TK2756d ago

@reddevil and GodofSackboy

Some people don't like some corporations. Stop complaining about it. It's like Sony has actually done something for you.

Some people hate Apple and Nokia, two companies that appreciate, but I don't go opinion policing those people for it.

FailOverHero2756d ago

MrBeatDown: Idiot. He didn't say Sony wasn't having problems. He ONLY SAID HE WASN'T EXPERIENCING ANY. There's a big difference. Reading comprehension FTW
What Joni-Ice really said: NOBODY had problems logging in to PSN
. . .
Indeed, reading comprehension for the win, sadly that did not occur here today. This after calling someone else an idiot, the irony

chaos-lockheart2756d ago

Sony never did something for them, its not like they did something to them either

fuckoffodion2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


calm down. What do you care? You're complaining about someone "complaining." And besides, you seem to defend people who have hatred against sony.

MrBeatdown2756d ago Show
FailOverHero2756d ago

@mrbeatdown Or maybe you'll stop being an arrogant prick and take your own advice and READ and COMPREHEND before you call people out for not comprehending. I mean I can't even say its the kettle calling the pot black because lo and behold CG actually comprehended before posting.

MrBeatdown2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


I admitted my mistake. Get over it.

Or did you fail to comprehend what I wrote?

solidjun52755d ago did Mr.Beatdown get a personal attack for saying "Reading Comprehension FTW" yet FailOverHero just called someone "prick"? I'm sorry but this is clearly abuse of moderation.

nycrekid2755d ago


So why do you go about policing those who like Sony then. Hypocrite?

GrumpyVeteran2755d ago

You got 63 disagrees for being logical?

Oh fuck me, PS3 fanboys you guys are just fucking insane, seriously.

Learn to read you sad cases.

Neko_Mega2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Its funny people because he calls himself a Christian Gamer and he doesn't even act it.

MysticStrummer2755d ago

@GrumpyVeteran - He's earned those automatic disagrees. He's consistently been a troll and nothing more. If he makes a random good point, he shouldn't be all that surprised when no one notices. OT - It will be ironic when Sony is forced to charge for PSN to finance new security measures. These Anonymous tools (it's funny how brave the anonymous internet troll usually is) are doing nothing so far except proving Sony's case for them and hurting the users they claim to be fighting for. I hope it will be possible to find and prosecute them, but I'm pessimistic.

Dee_912755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@Commander_TK the fact that a person could actually hate a corporation is pretty pathetic to me ..because we all know these big corps are killing innocent people with hell fire missiles and laughed at the earthquake and tsunami victims /s

anywho Yea a small few people said that they couldnt log in
thanks anon your hurting people who have nothing to do with anything lol

its gonna be funny when sony make these anon un-anon then lets see how they act when people see their pimpled faces

edit: let me set one thing straight I dont care about what they are doing to sony because sony can handle they self
its the fact that they are backing geohot and bothering people who had nothing to do with anything

NiKK_4192755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

gee how ironic your name is, cristian my a**, how have you not been banned yet? im tired of seeing you in every comment section
you, loner, paintsville, socomnick

this time it wasn't exactly trolling, but that's not the case 99% of the time

delbert grady and evrfighter are bad too, but how the hell have you guys not been banned yet??? you have nothing to add to any conversation, all you do is troll, there is no point for any of you to be apart of this site, you guys make this site way worse than it already is

exactly, that's why i hate this site, a lot of the time the mods side with the trolls, believe me

OT: i can go onto the ps blog, but can't login

anonymous is nothin but b*****s that want attention

zag2751d ago

It's all pointless.

A DDoS attack won't stop a court case from proceding, and doing pranks on the judge and sony lawyers is just going to prove that geohot needs to be screwed over.

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shoddy2756d ago

maybe it didn't last long.
shouldn't take longer than an hour to reboot a server.

just rented Tron 3D on psn.

skyward2756d ago

Some people have had issues with signing out etc, others haven't.

Titanz2756d ago

I believe he has more of a problem against the Sony worshippers, than the company itself.

Octo12756d ago

Since finding out about these "attacks" from Anon yesterday I logged on PSN on my PS3 and I was able to get on and stay on. My brother in law has pulled his usual all nighter with BlOps and he hasn't had any issues. The attacks from Anon must be regional because has been running fine since yesterday. The US playstation is however still acting up.

Freddy_Millz12756d ago

I couldn't sign in for a good 30 mins yesterday but i didnt stress at all. Hoped on my laptop, edited a few vids, came back and checked to see if i could get in, bingo, went back to work on the comp making music tracks...whats all the whining about?

SwampCroc2756d ago

I had some trouble signing in last night but it was late like 2:15 am est... But I figured they just took it down for todays update since it was early morning.

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