Hitman movie watered down for PG-13

Movie site Twitch reports that Fox has stepped into what was shaping up to be perhaps the best video game movie ever made, and "improved" it. And by improved, Kotaku means screwed it all up.

Apparently the studio has yanked director Xavier Gens from the film and put Nicolas De Toth in the saddle. De Toth, apparently, is the guy who watered down Live Free or Die Hard.

Fox made this move, Twitch reports, because they wanted to avoid the hard R rating the movie was headed for, what with all of its gore, headshots and inspiration drawn from action films like The Killer and A Bittersweet Life.

That's right, they don't want Hitman to be too gory. Next.

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C_SoL4484d ago

and it looks like sh*t. i can make a better movie than this.

joydestroy4484d ago

i'm not going to see it, especially if they watered it down.
movies suck now anyway. they aren't worth paying 8.50-9 bucks to see in a theatre and spend even more money on the ridiculously priced snacks.

Capt CHAOS4484d ago

You are spot on. Pathetic, watering down a film to make more money and make a crappier movie.

MK_Red4484d ago

WTF!!!! Please. I had so much hope in this film. The 47 actor may not look like the game but Timothy Olyphant is a great actor. Everything was great and the film was a hard R but now they are butchering it into a childish PG-13. Seriously, Hitman one of the most violent gaming characters has a movie with rating same as Harry Potter and Spiderman.

Please, someone start a petition. It's not just about violence. It's about re-edit so the original version of director is lost and the thing will end up worse than a mess.

MK_Red4484d ago

Hasn't hollywood learned its leason? Watering down a movie doesn help sales (Fantastic Four 1 was PG-13 but F4:Rise of Silver Surfer was watered down to PG but no difference in sales and the second part is doing worse in DVD department).

nanometric4484d ago

I'll squirt my water gun at your teddy bear? wtf???

Crazyglues4483d ago


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