Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review (Gameplay Today)

It's rare that I'm disappointed in something I buy. I almost always research a game prior to making a purchase, and if I buy a bad game it's usually intentional. With Mass Effect 2 DLC, no such research seemed necessary. “It's Mass Effect 2 damn it!” seemed like more than enough support to drop $7.00 extremely willingly.

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I am starting to wonder if Bioware is losing it's edge or have they simply lost their way under EA's mission statement: So what if the fan's will be disappointed, rush it out anyway. Let's see how many fools will buy it on name value alone? If they complain ignore them and start rushing out the next game and the next DLC. What the DLC is only worth a a buck or two, well we can't have that, so let's charge more, the fools will pay for it.

I hope that ME3 will not disappoint. I may not sound like it now, but I do really love Bioware, and I don't hate EA. They have lost my respect recently, but I still love what they have created with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. EA needs to back off and let Bioware do what they do best. I won't complain if I hear that the Mass Effect release date needs to be pushed back to give it enough time for proper QC, but I will be up in arms if is released as a buggy rushed mess (AKA DA2). And give the DLC a rest will you. Use that time to create good games, and once you have done that you can start thinking about DLC, and facebook and all of that other nonsense.