PS3 vs 360 vs Wii vs Tech: National Survey Top 10 Holiday Wish List

Three in four (74%) have at least one digital lifestyle product on their wish lists leading up to the Christmas season according to a national survey of 1,200 American consumers by Solutions Research Group. Three surveys were conducted including: Top 10 Overall. Top 10 For Men, and Top 10 For Women. HDTV sets and Windows Laptops topped the overall top 10 list. Where did the PS3, 360, and Wii come in on these top 10 lists? Hit the link to see the lists.

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Spike474485d ago

You know I'm gonna be as peaceful as I can about this.

but wow!!!!! This hints at the fact that, the reason people don't buy ps3s is because of the price, atleast most of them.

But I'm not gonna start to talk crap about the other system just because of one national survey.

Rooftrellen4485d ago

The interesting thing, I think, though, is that the PS3 is still below the Wii.

Given the same price point, the 360 would prbably bearly be holding on to second right now (thanks to the year lead), with the PS3 taking over before the year end, and the Wii on top.

Still, quite interesting to see the PS3 does rank above the 360, for Americans, even.

Pain4485d ago

1.1 -
The interesting thing, I think, though, is that the PS3 is still below the Wii.

yea kinda but i think it has to do with all the VC games we played long ago that makes u want one


harv0524485d ago

Holy F**k man!! HDTVs, Computers, cameras??? What the f**k happened to good ol Xmas where you ask for a watch, clothing, just a game (not the whole system)...I can't believe people cough up that much money for Xmas...It's just stupid...I know you want to please loved ones but this is just ridiculous....

anh_duong4485d ago

how the hell is santa going to fit a 50inch LCD down the chimney???

errr....what do you mean santa claus doesn't exist??

MvC Xtrm4485d ago

Heeeey!!! At least put a 'spoiler' warning. Some on here still believe the PS3 has better graphics, better online, better games and still believe Santa Clause is real.

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Spike474485d ago

would people want a ps3? OF course, \

but why don't they buy one? most of them , because of the price.

does'nt mean it's not wanted though.

wangdiddy824485d ago

like i said in a previous post.. PS3 is always in some top 5 or top 10 products wanted.. Some people are waiting for a price drop and some people are waiting for video games.. And know they have both..

d3l33t4485d ago

great find, funny to see people who want an HD tv but know nothing about them! Only in america!

hotshot12374485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

the very end of 2008 or VERY beggining of 09. and if microsoft releases a new console in 2009. who's gonna buy it when everyone will be on ps3. ps3 will have all the games, microsoft wont have support for 360, the new xbox MIGHT have better graphics but by that time ps3's hardware will probably be learned pretty well and it will be ps2 vs. xbox all over again. good days for sony. (and if people can think with a open mind, they will most likely agree with me) and if you dont tell me WHY. oh and we all know 360 wont get supported by microsoft because it doesnt even have the lifespan. so the new xbox will be THE OLD XBOX

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The story is too old to be commented.