Ray Maguire leaves PlayStation UK - and an illustrious career at Sony

UK PlayStation boss Ray Maguire has exited Sony, CVG can reveal - leaving behind a legacy that will bear heavy on the company's future.

The news has been confirmed via an internal memo at Sony, whilst Maguire has told friends that he has indeed "left the building" after 18 memorable years of service.

Maguire joined Sony Electronic Publishing Limited in 1993 as Director of Sales, Europe, having shone at Sega as UK sales manager - where he oversaw the hugely successful launch of the Mega Drive.

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TBM2850d ago

Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

stuntman_mike2850d ago

probably going to work for activision where they shower you in gold and jewels...well until you make a crap game then they chuck you on the heap.

dangert122850d ago

the former actitvision ceo's disagree ;)

2850d ago