Homefront latest PC patch offers a nice performance boost

DasReviews writes: "THQ released a new patch for their latest FPS game, Homefront. The game is developed by Kaos Studios and had some performance issues at its launch. We are happy to report that most of them are resolved and with this latest patch, we can finally see some performance boosts in multiplayer mode. Furthermore, the snipers have been nerfed..."

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the_union_of_PS3602780d ago

man i know they are trying hard to patch every version but Dev's need to stop releasing broken game's and play it themselves before release.

Dart892780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Or at least have a damn beta i know it won't help find all the bugs and glitches but at least the one's that are found will be ironed out.

JackBNimble2780d ago

well it's the latest trend... ship it out and fix it later.

Mmmkay2780d ago

no demo, no beta, and still millions bought the game. just shows. it's the new strategy. a lot of people would not have payed for it had they been given the chance to try it first...

therapist2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

it ran decent day one, and at least the servers were all up and running, i was getting between 50-70 frames per second.

Now, after the patch, booted it up from steam just to see, beautiful, all settings maxed, 1920x1080 with dx11 enchancements and forced 32x anti aliasing...beautiful 90 frames per second always, seems to be the games cap.

after, of course, i put v-sync back on for a locked 60

it's a good game, not great, but good

7/10 for me