PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360, Or Does It? And Will this Trigger the Next Console War Anyway?

Steve Ballmer announced back in January that Xbox 360 sales had reached 50 million units, and he's not a man to get publicly over-excited. Oh and Sony claimed in February that the PS3 was on 47.9 million. So has someone's adding up let them down?

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LOGICWINS3114d ago

The console war only exists in the minds of several thousand idiots on the Internet...I wouldn't worry about it too much.

guigsy3114d ago

It's all fun and games to my mind, ripping on people that take it seriously is hilarious.

malandra3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I wouldn't care about it if it wasn't for all the bragging about 360 sales and bashing of the PS3 during its first years on the market

it's so much fun to see 360 fanboys and in particular 360 sites (openly or biased) eat their words

also when it becomes really oficcial it will also be so much fun to see idiots like Pachter and other so called analists admit that every single thing they said for the past few years was wrong

darthv723114d ago

yeah i hear what you are saying. But two wrongs dont make a right. One side has to be the bigger in order to not let such petty squabbling get to them. If it gets under your skin then you are no different than those that are causing it.

People will believe what they want. If there are some that believe the ps3 is the holy grail of consoles then you cant tell them no different. Same goes for the 360.

It is the rational logical people that are able to use common sense and not get involved in such matters. You say what you say as if you are one of those radical's just waiting for the moment to shout victory and in your face comments.

Let it go man.....let it go.

TotalPS3Fanboy3114d ago

Sony finally overtake the 360. And they said it would never happen. I say, "take that! back."

Kleptic3114d ago

stopped reading at 'and he is not a man to get publicly over-excited'...

typed 'steve ballmer getting excited' into youtube...

found this at the top of the list:

thats_just_prime3114d ago

I have to pretty much agree with darth. I find him to be one of the more reasonible people on this site and that saying something cause he's an evil murdering sith lord.

However I do find ps3 fan to be exetremely anonnying and I find it amazing that that actually think $ony is some how looking out for them and not their profits.

I prefer the xbox over the ps3 but I also know that MS does give a shit about me

MaxXAttaxX3114d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

That was mistake #1 which was followed by several other claims such as "no games", "overpriced" and "no sales". All of which are erroneous arguments.


Nice stealth trolling. You gotta be delusional to think that Microsoft cares about you while Sony is the opposite.
The hypocrisy with you guys is just... lol

DualConsoleOwner3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I loled at your

"$ony doesnt give shit about you"
"but MS cares about me'

Lol.... that is fail 360 fanboy..

Wrong... both comepanies just care about your money. you are just pathetic for thinking otherwise...

especially when 360 is getting no exclusives and turning into a new wii with Kinect.

thats_just_prime3113d ago

that obviousy was a should of been doesnt not does. Anyone that read it knew what I meant. It just goes to prove my point about ps3 fans.

pixelsword3113d ago

@ darthv72:

"They say two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn sure makes things even."

- Sister Souljah

Sorry, I couldn't see another chance where I could use that quote.

MaxXAttaxX3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Pretending like you 360 fans aren't any different than all other fanboys and that you believe that Microsoft actually cares about you and not Sony, is one of the most hypocritical things I read on this site.

IcarusOne3113d ago

Most of us weren't laughing at Sony because we were underestimating it. We were laughing because they shot themselves in the foot so hard at launch it's taken them this long to almost catch up.

Sony could have owned everything about this gen if they'd been a little less douchey.

OneSneakyMofo3113d ago

But but but the sales!

Called it back in '09 - PS3 would overtake 360 in 2011.

RedDevils3113d ago

"My dad can beat your Dad!" :D

ShinMaster3113d ago

What's there to laugh about?

You 360 fans mocked the high pricing of the PS3 and said how it wouldn't succeed because of it.
Yet the PS3 is selling faster yearly.

You guys said PS3 had no games and all the exclusives where on 360. Funny how that turned out.

The only one getting laughed at here should be Microsoft and the Xbox 360.

RedDead3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Come on guys, there were reasons for that, Ps3 had a terrible launch, most people ask why pay for Xbox live. Back then there WAS a reason for the money, Psn was terrible at launch, Xbox live Gold has basically remained the same, all that is added is the Party chat now, but since 05 Live has been as good as it is today. Psn was playing catch up for years. Not to mention the cost of the Ps3 at launch(630 here!), also a late release in Europe.

Although imo now it has caught up and I ain't paying for live anymore. Ps3 had no great games back then either. The 360s dominant years for games where the ones when Ps3 had no real amazing ones.

I've said this before, the 360 felt like a different generation to me than the Ps3. The 360 had me happy from 05-08, and the Ps3 literally took over after that. It's when the Ps3 really start becoming the more appealing consoles. Remember 05-08, the 360 had it's best games out by the end of 2008. Gears, Mass effect, Forza 2, Oblivion had year ahead on Xbox, Crackdown, Halo 3, am I missing any? not to mention Xbox live was better than Psn. Cod4 was better to play on 360 than Ps3 because of live.

Still, i've tried to sell my 360 now because I just don't need it anymore, it has Gears 3. That's all i'm interested in because Gears 1 was the first great Multiplayer game this gen I thought. Gears 2 didn't hold me so I;m only slightly looking forward to Gears 3, if Gamestop would've given me more than €12 for it I woulda sold

Fanboys annoy the head off me though, when any sort of Fanboy tries to say something I always defend what they attack. No matter what it is.

I'm glad I waited to get a Ps3 anyway, I got it when there was a decent amount of games on it and the 65nm chips were in. SO it's still quiet to this day since I got it a few years ago.

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miyamoto3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

well said...console wars my ass! these idiot journalists and there websites are the ones responsible creating fanboys & flame wars. Have they anything productive to do?

Kleptic3114d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I agree...the only thing that is really fueling anything is the media...and its so subtle in how they do it, but the effects are just the same...

just glancing through this article you can find multiple ways that the writer twists this generation to fit a different mold...even though his predicted outcome may be the same; his points on the past are different than what 'really happened'...

"MS dropped the 360 rather hastily to embrace the HD era"...

uh...thats how 2006 over at MS is now being spun?...wrong...MS dropped the Xbox because it was 100% cannibalizing the 360's potential market base...because the 360 had no real marketing advantages over the dropped features that were standard on the original console (i.e. HDD), used the exact same disc format, etc...and was now using a 'standard/premium' sku lineup to entice those willing to spend more money...and because the design of the xbox was so flawed, that after 5 years production costs were still higher than what they were selling it for...

read stockholder statements from back then...pretty much everyone that 'owned' MS, wanted the Xbox division canned immediately...

the only thing, marketing wise, MS had to use was 'its more powerful'...which 2006 did absolutely nothing to illustrate until the launch of Gears late in the year...we scream and yell about sales and chest thumping left and right...but remember in 2006...the PS2 wiped the floor with the 360, let alone the original xbox...

that is why the xbox was ditched...not because MS offered a system that was completely state of the art and they were desperately trying to appeal to the new HD era...hell MS didn't even say a word about the 360's HD abilities until the PS3 showed up a year later...and MS quickly took the stance of 'hey, ours can do that too, sort of...' and offered a $150 add-on to play a format of HD media that was dead within another year...

roguewarrior3113d ago

@ kleptic
I agree, but the main reason MS dropped X-Box, is because of a fallout with Nvidia,(also why they went with to ATI to Dev. 360 GPU) over contract negotiations pertaining to the Price of the X-Boxs GPU. They didn't have much choice( no GPU/No x-Box) but to drop support and put all efforts into the 360.

bozebo3114d ago

There's mainly no point in a "console war" beacause most of the good games are multi plat this gen.

kreate3114d ago

i know huh? multi plat games are better than the exclusive games.. whats up with that?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Exclusives is what define the console, and is one of the most important things for a console.

Lack of good exclusives is just a console more generic.

MysticStrummer3114d ago

My list of favorite games for this generation is mostly made up of exclusives. It's about a 60/40 split. My personal Game of the Generation is an exclusive, as is my favorite online game. Multiplats have their place and there have been some good ones, but exclusives will always be where it's at. This is the first generation where that fact has even been questioned, and it's mostly done by fans of a certain console.

Pixel_Pusher3114d ago

And with that comment bozebo I can tell you own an xbox. lol It depends on which box and what exclusives were talking about.

DaTruth3114d ago

Glad I don't have to choose!

Kleptic3113d ago

msyticstrummer...totally agree...

this is the only generation where I have heard anyone remotely arguing that 'all we need are multiplatform games anymore'...

there are a ton of great multiplatform games this generation...better than any other that I can think of...but there are also some of the best exclusive games ever created...within the past few years...

and that is not single console sided...just look at the highest rated games this generation...if you had to pick a top 5, a lot of them would be would simply come down to taste...

Gears of war, Gears 2, LBP, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, MGS4, Halo 3, halo reach, etc...all exclusive...and all easily stand on their own as some of the best games in the past 10 years...

games are simply getting better...but we definitely still need exclusive games that take full advantage of specific hardware and their networking abilities...

bozebo3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"but there are also some of the best exclusive games ever created"

I really don't feel that this is true.

I didn't say there wern't good exclusives this gen, but surely they were better the gen before this and the one before that too.

jessupj3113d ago

@ Pixel_Pusher

I agree, as I was reading bozebo's comment I was thinking "He must own a 360".

I know thats a fanboyish thing to say, but like people have being saying here, it's ridiculas that other fanboys are actually saying stupid things like "Who needs exclusives this gen?".

Kleptic3113d ago

^^cool then...that is your opinion and its fine...

I can't say that all the exclusive titles in specific genre's crush all multiplatform games...but I definitely think that big exclusives are what open up the genres in the first place, and make multiplatform developers have to work that much harder to stay relevant...

my biggest example would be Dead Space 2...hands down the best multiplatform third person shooter I've ever played...and it is what it is because of games like Gears and Uncharted...yet its very different from those games; bringing in aspects of survival horror and everything...but doing it in the 'right' way imo...

the alternative is when a developer completely fawks it up and refuses to cope with the modern changes...RE5 being the example (15 years later and Chris still can't walk around while pointing a gun...)...that is what happens when a stubborn dev doesn't innovate on what has since been innovated...and it simply doesn't have the effect everyone is hoping for...

the exclusives seem to innovate first...then mulitplatform games innovate on that...and milk the hell out of it...and then another exclusive comes in and restarts the process...

I guess my point is that we do need both...regardless of your gaming tastes...

pixelsword3113d ago

@ bozebo:

from that comment I can tell you only own one console, and which console is obvious.

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RankFTW3114d ago

This is the most serious war of all time!

RastaCC3114d ago

I'm setting up a 3-way cage match in my living room. It will be like the thunderdome. 3 consoles enter, only 1 leaves. X360 v. PS3 v. Wii


...who gives a poop?

cruncher_203114d ago

Console war is just funny...

I mean, I got the YLOD so I had to buy another ps3... So does that means that more you sell more failure your system have so people have to buy more then one... (same thing with the RROD).

So what these numbers really mean ?

MaxXAttaxX3113d ago

The difference is that the 360's failure rate was at least 4x higher than PS3's.

So if a new system is bought each time it happens, then the 360 clearly has the advantage.

GrandTheftZamboni3113d ago


and don't forget abandoning the previous console so that their owners didn't have a choice but to buy a new one. Those two things add up.

C4BL33114d ago

the console war is like racism, it only exists because people like this won't shut up about it.

Rage_S903113d ago

thats a bad analogy racism exist because of ignorance, fear and lack of understanding.

C4BL33112d ago

racism doesn't exist. black people have The NBA and welfare what more do they want?

TheXgamerLive3114d ago

read the entire article the Xbox 360 is still several million ahead of the ps3 in sales. Especially with the Kinect craze, it's climbing higher and higher everyday.
But, what does this mean, ahhh nothing really, were all good no matter what system. let's just enjoy the gaming before new systems for all come out at $600.00 and make us all poor again.

olLANDSHARKlo3114d ago

Remember last gen xbox vs. PS2 the sales numbers in the console wars meant everything. Now that people are told they have to get 2 jobs to afford a PS3 and the 360 is winning it doesn't matter LOL, what a shame. It's great being a gamer and not a fanboy.

DaTruth3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

You're absolutely right! If you're about to buy a console and one console has sold so little that it will be discontinued and lose support in a year, it is important to know that, especially when the other console has sold enough to guarantee infinite support for years to come!

When both consoles are neck and neck, and both are guaranteed support, what does a 2 million console difference really mean... especially when far more than those 2 million are defective dead consoles?

Just because you lost last time and sunk your money in a poor investment, doesn't mean the dynamics of console sales changes! My PS2 is still getting games for my stepson; I bought it before he was born, that's an investment!

The only mature reason to care about console sales is to know if your console will continue to receive support and recoup your investment in the hardware!

GrandTheftZamboni3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


You neither have a sense of humor nor you're good at math: 360's price at launch was $400, while you could get a 20GB PS3 for $100 more when it came out.

$100 is not that much more expensive to require a second job. It was a JOKE. But in their smear campaign 360 fanboys just ran out of ideas and labeled it as arrogance.

Was it worth it? 360 is last again even with one year head start.

olLANDSHARKlo3113d ago

DaTruth, I didn't lose anything, I had both PS2 and XBOX, I'm a gamer not a fanboy, what's your xbox live gamertag?

malamdra3114d ago

it's so stupid to downplay the importance of the console war

it's what keeps companies trying to beat each other with better products

AhnnQuirajj3113d ago

Never a truer word spoken, good sir!

xAlmostPro3113d ago

The ps3 has taken the lead in worldwide sales by like a million or less..

however sales aren't something i care about i play my console of perference because it's exactly that

awi59513113d ago

This is just stupid if thats the case there are only 3 wiis out there. IT doesnt matter if you play your console or not how does that negate the fact there are 50 million 360's. Sounds like fanboys are just grasping at straws to attack microsoft.

50Terabytespersec3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Yes I remember a Fat arrogant co-worker and another guy made fun of me when I had bought the PS3..I said watch out that 360 is just a budget PC in sheeps clothig.They told me PS3 will fail and laughed at me and said 360 was supirior tech. I remember they said by the time Devs figure out how to make decent games for it the new XBOX 3 will be out with better Graphics!!.And here we are today with games like KZ3 and Uncahrted 2 GOW3!! and sales catching up....Where Xbox 3??Where are the graphics bar?
ALl I see is FPS games that are wattered down low res ,PC games(sheeps clothing) that play better on PC..Sad no original contenet at all..
Uncharted 3 will put and end to all this

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Kran3114d ago

Technically, it's not a war us gamers are fighting, so we shouldn't have to worry, and yet there are some stupid people who think numbers are everything when it comes to consoles. For a video game, yes, because most gamers hope for a sequel, but when you have a console thats selling 50 million worldwide, us gamers shouldn't need to worry because when the next gen comes out, those consoles would sell too.

So it shouldn't matter what console you own. As long as you're enjoying it.

chidori6663114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

PS3 has a better exclusive lineup but it's not gonna outsell the 360. If thats what he means by "overtake".

and lol Sony has nothing up their sleeve there will be no big surprise exclusives atleast not for this year at E3.

KonaBro3114d ago

Factually speaking, the PS3 is on route to outsell the 360 fairly soon. That's not debatable. Also, saying that Sony has nothing up their sleeves? Please think before you type again. You only have one bubble.

paintsville3114d ago

Bu,bu, bu, bu sales don't matter LOL. Oh this is just too funny. All of a sudden sales do matter? It's not surprising that when you're behind it doesn't matter but when you're catching up sales suddenly matter a lot LOL. That's typical behavior.
The console war is kinda irrelivant any way. The best games this gen are multiplat any how. No matter which version is superior.

Biggest3114d ago

No, that is your behavior. Sales where the only thing you could hang your hat on. Now that people are saying the numbers are switching, you're laughing at the numbers? Are you going to hang your hat on the AWESOME core gaming experiences brought to you by Kinect?

TreMillz3114d ago

@paintsville the same way exclusives was were it was at from 2006-2008? Now all of a sudden its all about the multiplats right? Remember the "No Gamez!" parade back then? You dont? Of course you dont...

palaeomerus3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Early in a console generation, when there are no or few good games, those will exclusives really matter.

Later in that same generation when the consoles are pretty close together in sales, and when we are neck deep in new and old games, most of them multiplatform, the exclusives matter a LOT LESS than they did early on.

That's how a console market generally matures. Exclusives have the most impact early on and lose impact as the cycle goes on.

And yes, that includes exclusives like Gears and Halo. This isn't rocket surgery or brain science. Right now it's more about price drops, product refreshes, and pack-ins to drive new sales.

YodaCracker3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )


Absolutely untrue. Last week, the PS3 outsold the 360 by a mere 30,000 units. If it keeps up that pace, the PS3 should pass the Xbox 360 sometime in Summer 2013. But this is what happens pretty much every year. The PS3 outsells the 360 by a small amount weekly for the first 2/3 of the year. Then the holidays come and the 360 rockets ahead of the PS3, quickly wiping away the lead the PS3 was building up for the whole year. By the end of the year, the PS3 has made almost no ground on the 360 and the cycle continues into the next year.

It is the most painfully slow process ever for the PS3 to catch up to the 360. Despite the power of the PlayStation brand name, despite the console selling in FAR more countries around the world than the 360, despite the console's built-in Blu-Ray player which is the sole reason for a large percentage of PS3 purchases according to several studies, despite the PS3's supposedly AMAZING exclusive lineup, despite all the 360's problems... the PS3 is still in dead last place.

gypsygib3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Ah Yoda Cracker, the biggest 360 troll I've seen, you go out of your way to troll.

I caught you on Metacritic giving extremely low reviews to PS3 games, including LBP2 a 0/10 and KZ3 a 2/10. (anyone can feel free to check it out, he goes by the same name)

You probably don't own those games but you still decide to lower the user reviews.

Lame buddy.

MaxXAttaxX3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Do you even know what "dead last" means?

Being a couple mil behind is hardly dead, considering the 360 started with an 8 mil lead and PS3 sells faster.

Or are you going to tell me that the first car out in Rally is always the winner? Lol

Why is it always sales with you guys. Whatever happened to the "no games" argument? haha
And to think PS3 is excelling in both categories.

awi59513113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Well the ps3 should have caught up its had far more price drops than the 360. The 360 is way overpriced it should have been at 129 like the ps2 when its sales really took off. The fact that xbox has been out like 6 years and still costs 300 dollars is just crazy sauce right now. With the tech in the 360 microsoft should be making lots of profit on each console now. Arcade units are hard to find now i think microsoft isnt making many of them. I think the 360 actually got a price increase with the kinect. Because those are the only versions i see in stores now.

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VittoScaletta283114d ago

forget numbers, we buy these consoles for our entertainment. as long as they keep making them, we will continue buying them.

ultimate-remag3114d ago

ohh now sales dont matter as ps3 passes 360 huh... hypocrites!!!!

Kran3114d ago

Id say the exact same thing I said above if the 360 repassed the PS3 too since I own both, so yeah.

MaxXAttaxX3113d ago

I guess games don't matter anymore you either huh... hypocrites!

VittoScaletta283114d ago

"Hypocrite" really? I happen to own both. So don't judge to quickly my friend.

news4geeks3114d ago

yeah both sets of fanboys are hypocrites though so I wouldn't worry too much about it. It would be exactly the same if the roles were reversed.

B1663r3114d ago

This article isn't about sales. PS3 is still losing in sales. This article is about "active install base". In other words these numbers are even more speculative that

PS3 is still in last place sales wise.