GT: Lair Played with Analog Sticks

The game that was originally only gonna use the motion sensing, now being played by analog sticks, and it seems ultra responsive. Maybe this would have gave the game a much higher rating.

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gunnerforlife4115d ago

did i miss something here i swear u couldent do dat before O.o

sargas34115d ago

I bought a usb converter from radio shcak and use my ps2 controllers all the time. I did this with lair when I first got it. It works fine all but the 180. I still like playing it thr right way better.


This is fake, he is controlling the game with the other hand. I fooled a friend in this one too.

Myth4115d ago

You can play with your PS2 controller via an adapter (or any usb controller). Since PS controllers don't have the motion feature it defaults to analog. It's real I've done it.

InMyOpinion4115d ago

PS2 Dual-Shock > PS3 SixAxis

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

BloodySinner4115d ago

" PS2 Dual-Shock > PS3 SixAxis

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D"


LMAO! How is that playing beyond? You're back tracking in order to enjoy your game.

SlappyMcTaint4115d ago

Is there a hidden option for this? A hack? This could really help Lair overall -the main thing people hated it for was the sixaxis only controls...

Kleptic4115d ago

the main thing reviewers hated was the controls...I haven't heard to many owners of the game really complain about it...the controls never bothered me...its the rest of the game thats really is a bad just recieved bad reviews for the wrong reason...the graphics are great...the controls worked fine for me...the sound is awesome, minus the other riders shouting...and the gameplay is some of the worst ever attempted...terrible level design, horrible acting, awful random cutscenes...boring objectives...the game sucks...seriously...

tuffco4115d ago

Does anyone know if there was a patch for Lair that you can use the analogue sticks now for control? If there is then I think i may buy it.

shysun4115d ago

the game is fine as is.

tuffco4115d ago

lol what do i do now?

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The story is too old to be commented.