Why Mortal Kombat was Refused Classification in Australia (plus Fatality details!)

The Australian Classification Review Board has officially released its statement regarding the recent decision on Mortal Kombat. We all know that the game’s appeal was denied, meaning that the upcoming brawler from Warner Bros. remains effectively banned Down Under, but the Board’s decision shows that this wasn’t a simple decision – nor a unanimous one.

Documents include details on a number of fatalities and reveal that story mode is more than 15 hours long.

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riksweeney2779d ago

Good to see Quan Chi's getting his MK4 fatality back. Jax's ground pound might look a bit silly though.

colonel1792779d ago

This is going to be a great game. Too bad Australians won't get to play it unless they import.

I like that this game is a homage for MK 1 to 3, but I really hope to see a sequel, with all new fatalities, more brutals, and more improvements.

rage0hh2779d ago

I'm Australian and i say fuck you politics.. and i have pre-ordered mortal kombat. I'm too dedicated not get this game consequences or not i will get this fucking game..

Dart892779d ago

0_0 Holy f*** story is 15 hours long that right now is a big plus in my book.