Should I be excited about…Battlefield Play4Free? - Preview at CalmDownTom

As of today Battlefield Play4Free is available to everyone in open beta form. Having played the closed beta for a few weeks now, I’ve now got a good idea of the potential of the game. Will Battlefield fans like this new version of the franchise? That’s a difficult question to answer.

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theonlylolking2753d ago

I think BFP4F is pretty good.

the_best_player2753d ago

Not really it's like a crap version of Battlefield 2.

I say Battlefield 2 cause maps are the same.
I say crap because of the textures and animation.
And whats up with the COD type points that comes
up -_-

buckley2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Got run over by humvees that were completely silent. That was weird.

Absolutely no configurations can be viewed or altered in-game; you have to actually disconnect from the server first (this includes even viewing the friends list).

Resolution settings only affect full-screen gameplay; the windowed version never changes.

Mouse wheel isn't working to switch weapons. Friends list can only be managed through the website.

The game's already been through a closed beta. Typically, at this point, an open beta should be used to test server load and ensure that gameplay remains consistent with a full population. Right now, the game feels very unfinished. That is, unless, we are actually looking at the near-finished product, which would not be ok.

I understand that it's free, but all it's really done is remind me that BFBC2 is absolutely worth the money.

bumnut2753d ago

I agree that it is far from perfect but it is free, and the hit detection is just right. You have to put a full clip in someone on BC2.

buckley2753d ago

Yes, true, impossible to argue with the free point. It's an option that wasn't there before, that's for sure.