Plain old DVD format is still holding off HD's attacks

The Guardian's technology editor Charles Arthur compares the sales figures of the "300" home video in the UK. He is unconvinced that HD DVD's 70-percent share of the standalone player market matters; and he describes the sales of the PS3 (Blu-ray player) as slow, and there still aren't any compelling games to move the game console. He writes that there's no reason to think that either format will get any traction by this Christmas.

Arthur also reports he is seeing indications that this game is getting dirty, with a fair bit of "black propaganda" around...

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Firsy, if you think PS3 have sold so slow, just please say-me how much X360 MS sells on last 10 months? Made it right, if you use MS numbers, then use also Sony numbers. If you use NPD, use also GfK and the japanese measure (I forgot the name, my bad).

I'll already will say you that MS says that they was about 8m back on November, now 12.6m... Sony says 5 or 6m by now... Those "oficial" numbers (NPS + GfK + Japan) also will show you who selled slow the last 11 months... So don't embarass yourself, the so called slow PS3, have selled more than 360 in last 11 months worldwide.

But, in fact, they pretty much sold the same, so both are slow? And good to remember GfK only goes for UK and German, and most of EU countries are PS3's turf...

And if BD are so slow, just explain me how 300 sold more on BD format, like almost every other movie in both formats...

ktchong4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

"Slow" is his word, not mine.

I'm just submitting this so no one else can.


The guy made a article about DVD selling (which even by that don't need to be posted, everybody knows here DVDs sells better and will continue it for a good time).

But YOU that choosed this specif part, just bahsing, nothing with the foccus of article, this isn't an introduction, nor nothing, just BS spread for a dumb that YOU are repeating, so I'm asking YOU.

ktchong4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Okay then. Why don't YOU summarize the article for me.

Or are you just pissed because I'm not using this opportunity to put a negative spin on HD DVD and positive spin on PS3/Blu-ray as you would have?

Let me see how you would summarize it. If your summary is neutral and stays close to the source, then I'll use your descriptions.


Good try Peg, but I don't have only a PS3, I have also a HD-DVD player (the image is better since some things are obligated supported on HD-DVD, not on BD), so I'm not pissed off with this "make A look good, and B look bad" thing... In fact I'm not pissed off...

I just don't like the fact that everything here is about bashing the other people's consoles. And this section you just choosed don't lied on HD-DVD (they still saying that only stand-alone players matter), but lies hard with PS3.

But if you are asking me, I would take:

"What is interesting about 300 (the tale, if you'd forgotten, of the Spartan defence at Thermopylae in which a small group of about 300 held off a Persian attack for long enough to let reinforcements gather) is that it was released for sale in the UK in all three disc formats - plain old DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray. And I got the sales figures.

It turns out that on the first day in the UK the plain DVD sold 143,131 units (7% greater than forecast); the HD DVD version 1,875 units; the Blu-ray version, 4,689. The proportions are thus DVD 95.6%; HD DVD 1.2%; Blu-ray 3.1%. For the full first week the numbers were 438,000, 5,000 and 13,000 - giving ratios of 96%, 1.1% and 2.9%."

There you give the numbers, the place and don't stick with personal opinions.

ktchong4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Why did you skip the first paragraph and just quote the second and third paragraph, which favors Blu-ray?

Did you even take a writing course?

An article has a introduction, a middle, and a closing. The meat of the article is usually the middle part, which in this case is:

"The HD DVD group insists that what matters is the "standalone" player market, and that they have 70% of that. I'm unconvinced. The standalone player market is all the HD DVD group has. Sony is still pursuing its Trojan horse tactic with the PS3, aiming to get it into lots of homes. Whether that's actually succeeding is another matter: UK sales of the PS3 could best be described as slow, and there still aren't any compelling games for it (the principal reason for buying a games console, after all).

With Christmas coming, there's still no reason to think that either format will get any traction this year. Households will feel the squeeze as mortgages rise in reaction to the global credit crunch; why splash out on a whole new format, when you probably got a high-definition TV last year and find that your DVDs look great on it? The situation is the same in the US: consumers don't have any reason to feel good about house prices or the wider economy."

Which is really the main point of the whole article. Why don't you just quote that?

Now, you skip paragraph. If you want to do it that way, I might as well just skip to the meat of the article. Which is that two paragraphs?

How about that?

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Spike474488d ago

well yeah the ps3 has only sold a small amount less of what the 360 has sold in each console's ..lifespan i guess.

while the 360 has almost reached it's peak with halo3, the ps3 is still in this marathon rather than race to become the number one console by 2009.

What do you guys think will happen with the enw ps3 price drops, when people realize that they're geting a blu ray player with a system for 400 dollars? when they find out that soon they'll be able to play mgs4,killzone 2,ff13,etc.

that's when the ps3 will reach the point the 360 reached with gears of war 2.

then god of war 3 and other great titles will act as the ps3's halo3 which will make it reach it's potential.

I'm just saying that these kinda people should read about the turtle and the hare.

raziizar4488d ago

watz up with the picture playstation vs hd dvd.laystation is not a cd format and hd dvd is not a console.

Maddens Raiders4488d ago

and then ask yourself that question again.

It's almost as simlple as changing a couple of words in the stupid title:

"Plain old VHS Cassette format is still holding off CD's attacks"

Retarded...simply retarded.

WilliamRLBaker4488d ago

Ps3 accounts for about 95% of all bluray player sales.

mikeslemonade4488d ago

Probably the dumbest stat that is being thrown around these days. The stat that HD fans keep throwing around with the standalone player. PS3 is a blu-ray player. I wish these execs would shut the F up. Right now im like those xbox fanboys who were melting in anger when the Sony execs wouldn't be quiet. Those Sony execs did not matter much to me, but execs who keep throwing this stat up is pissing me off because the PS3 plays blu-ray.

timmyrulz4488d ago

Let me re iterate my opinion, the world not so long ago, binned billions of pounds/dollars of VHS videos due to the invasion of dvd, now again the world has spent even more billions upon billions of pounds/dollars in replacing their old collection that they just binned, do you realy think that the world is prepared to do it once again? both blue ray and/or hd dvd will have to wait another 10 years before people will take them on board and by that time we will have quadruple laired hd micro dvds or something stupid

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